The Truth about Lies

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I hope all is well. In light of the perennial issue of whether it is ok to sometimes lie (well, I agree with you that Church teaching is clear on this, but you know what I mean), I thought you might be interested in this documentary. I have not seen [Read More...]

“Since when has a lie been noble?” asks Catholic Vote

…here. Ummmmmmmm….. [Read more...]

Remember, You Can Always Lie in a Good Cause

…and there will never be any consequences if you do. Whenever you lie in a good cause (and come on, a great person like you would only lie “speak misinformation” to people who don’t deserve truth in a good cause, right?) just remind yourself that you are *exactly* like somebody hiding Jews from Nazis and [Read More...]

A reader struggles with the whole “lying in a desperate situation” problem

…writing: You were a big force in my conversion a few years ago, so I’m hoping you can help me. You’ve said the Church teaches lying is always a sin. I’m having some trouble with that. Let’s say I’m sheltering a woman from her abusive husband. He enters in a drunken rage demanding to know [Read More...]

Another 180,000 Cases Now Need Review in Mass.

…due to another quack chemist whose credentials were fake and who may have screwed up and lied in countless thousands of more criminal cases. I don’t see the problem. As I have been clearly instructed countless times by people concerned to lift me out of my complete moral idiocy, it is perfectly legitimate for law [Read More...]

Over at Strange Notions, There’s Been a Three Way Debate About Lying

Really, it’s a two way debate. On the one hand, James Croft, the atheist says, “Go ahead and lie if that seems like a good idea to you because Nazis.” On the other hand, Deacon Jim Russell says, “Go ahead and lie if that seems like a good idea to you because Nazis.” Oh. Wait. [Read More...]

The Problem of the Rash Vow, or “SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!”

So a number of people have written me asking how I reconcile my endorsement of the obvious teaching of the Catechism that “By its very nature, lying is to be condemned” with the case of Edward Snowden, who has done us all a favor by exposing the lies of this guy: The Daily ShowGet More: [Read More...]

While Prolife Catholics Strive with Might and Main…

…to argue that becoming liars for a good cause (exposing Planned Parenthood) is a really smart and great idea that only a prissy Pharisaic fool could possibly reject, the Church in Australia becomes the latest casualty of lying in a good cause (protecting the good name of the Church). This will not, of course, come [Read More...]

A Reading from the Gnostic Gospel of James the Deacon

Jesus had to pass through Samaria, and as he walked with his disciples he was teaching them, saying, “I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another, commits adultery; and he who marries a divorced woman, commits adultery.  And adultery is the font of great evils.  For when an adulterous woman [Read More...]

To re-re-re-clarify for the umpteenth time

…for those who assume I am a moral idiot who thinks a priest could not use a disguise to hide from those trying to murder him, be aware that I have, many, many many times pointed out that not all deception is lying.  So, for instance, disguises are not lying. Equivocation (“Destroy this temple and in three [Read More...]