God does not need your lie. – St. Augustine

So for months I’ve been told over and over that Hillary is on record as calling for Christians to be forced to change their teaching on same sex marriage and abortion. Persecution is coming.  We have it from the horse’s mouth.  She has already told us.  Anybody who does not panic about the Arkansas Diocletian [Read More…]

Prayers for Chase Padusniak and ThisCatholicGirl

She catfished Catholic Twitter and he got hurt as collateral damage along the way. Chase’s first-hand account is here. I had something like this done to me once, also on line, in a chat group. There was none of the relationship dimension that Chase had to endure. Just a person who deceived everybody about her [Read More…]

Incredibly, the Prolife Movement’s strategy of ardently embracing the Noble Lie…

…has somehow inexplicably led to the charge that the Prolife Movement lies. Who could possibly have foreseen this? [Read more…]

A Priest Sends Along His Thoughts on the Noble Lie

He writes: I just read your recent post about lying, and I wanted to share something I’ve been thinking and preaching about recently.  You may have already spent time with this possibility, but it seems clear to me that there’s also a terrible spiritual consequence to our lying.  Here’s my logic: When we lie to [Read More…]

John Zmirak Says I Think the People Making the PP Vids are Sinning Gravely by Lying

I’ve been swamped in recent weeks with work and so could not reply at the time, but I thought I should try to respond to this. In an odd turn of events, John Zmirak has launched an angry assault on Yr. Obdt. Svt. for allegedly calling Lila Rose an “evil temptress”, for allegedly thinking it [Read More…]

What the Horrifying Planned Parenthood Videos Really Reveal

Ross Douthat relates a grisly tale of a time a truck spilled aborted babies on the road (and the compulsion of urbane abortion supporter to Not See it) to the current story of the Center for Medical Progress’ exposure of the gruesome lunchtime chat of PP reps about the “crunchiness” of the babies they gaily [Read More…]

The Truth about Lies

A reader writes: Hi Mark, I hope all is well. In light of the perennial issue of whether it is ok to sometimes lie (well, I agree with you that Church teaching is clear on this, but you know what I mean), I thought you might be interested in this documentary. I have not seen [Read More…]

“Since when has a lie been noble?” asks Catholic Vote

…here. Ummmmmmmm….. [Read more…]

Remember, You Can Always Lie in a Good Cause

…and there will never be any consequences if you do. Whenever you lie in a good cause (and come on, a great person like you would only lie “speak misinformation” to people who don’t deserve truth in a good cause, right?) just remind yourself that you are *exactly* like somebody hiding Jews from Nazis and [Read More…]

A reader struggles with the whole “lying in a desperate situation” problem

…writing: You were a big force in my conversion a few years ago, so I’m hoping you can help me. You’ve said the Church teaches lying is always a sin. I’m having some trouble with that. Let’s say I’m sheltering a woman from her abusive husband. He enters in a drunken rage demanding to know [Read More…]