Life’s Little Ironies

A reader writes: Ironic, innit, that the party obsessed with preserving the inviolate integrity of American elections against voter fraud by non-citizens trying to vote in our elections should be so indifferent to Russian interference in our presidential election. The main difference being that the former is an urban myth propagated by a delusional conspiracy [Read More…]

A reader wrote me on November 14

But because I am a lazy slob, I am only now getting around to replying, to my shame. She sez: You have been writing quite a bit about people who are “anti-abortion but not pro-life”. You wrote I think very clearly and movingly about the fact that raising one specific virtue above all the others [Read More…]

A reader has a Question about Hell

She writes: My brother is still struggling with belief in God, and one thing he said to me that I had trouble answering was “God creates us without our consent, and then we have to follow all his rules or else go to Hell. How is that fair? I didn’t ask to be created.” Do [Read More…]

An Unusual Letter

A reader writes: Subject: Your book titled, “by what authority” I had seen this book available for purchase in my local parish but was unable to buy it for the first week. My anxiety increased daily as I knew that the books were cycled regularly due to frequent purchasing of others within the parish. As [Read More…]

A reader writes from (appropriately enough) Scotland to say…

so Im on a molinism site that discusses different understandings of gods sovereignty, foreknowledge, predestination vs freedom, etc…and are now critiquing the Calvinists who are saying God pre-ordained Trumps win…all sorts of banter going on…the best line I saw? ….”and the open theists are saying “Wow – not even God saw THIS one coming!” (That [Read More…]

A reader asks about artificially feeding dying people

She writes: Hi, Mark–I didn’t know who to ask about this, but I think you will either have a good answer or will be able to direct me to someone who will have a good answer.  It is this:   When one creates one’s Will, he is asked if, at the extremities of life, that [Read More…]

Conversation with a devout, prolife, Catholic woman of color

…whose faith has taken a beating at the hands of “Vote Trump or You Are a Baby-Killing Apostate!” Catholics. She writes: And once again I’m at this impasse. If being Catholic means being white supremacist and misogynist then it’s clearly not the One True Faith. I can’t believe in a God that created the idea [Read More…]

A genuinely Christian response to our miserable candidates

A readers writes: I was walking my dog and praying this am and suddenly I saw the brokenness of both candidates. Hillary feeling so betrayed, unloved and empty and Donald filling his empty places with more wealth and power. Both of them needing Truth and love more than anything else. Pray and pray some more [Read More…]

Had an Interesting Conversation with Robert P. George…

…about my recent contretemps with Dr. Edward Feser about the death penalty (see here and here). Dr. George writes: In fact, the Church can and has changed its teaching on the death penalty, and it can and does (now) teach that it is intrinsically wrong (not merely prudentially inadvisable). Both John Paul II in Evangelium [Read More…]

Reckless Voting Arguments

A reader writes: I was wondering whether you could address the issue of “Donald Trump is imperfect but God uses imperfect people to work out His plans, therefore I won’t hesitate to vote for him” line of thinking. I’ve been hearing this more and more from Catholics and Christians, both online and in person, and [Read More…]