Latest in the “Homosex is the Source and Summit of Good in the Universe” News

A reader writes about the new California law that conflates sexual orientation and activity: I wasn’t upset about the new CA law until I actually read the text of it. As advertised on the news, it is about attempts to turn gay teens straight, reparative therapy, etc., which as a catholic I don’t so much [Read More...]

A reader writes:

I wanted to ask a question that’s bugged me for a long time about Catholic publishing: where the heck are the Catholic books in grocery stores? You see evangelical works popping up all the time–there’s a dedicated section for Christian/spiritual/Bibles/whatever in most grocery stores/Fred Myers’/what have you. Often, the books there are from publishers I [Read More...]

Far be it from me to create an international incident

…by arguing with a Canadian reader from British Columbia writes: So I was driving down the I-5, headed to Our Lady of Peace in Beaverton OR for a silent retreat this weekend. And I thought, “I’ll bring ‘The Power in the Blood’ CD’s that Mark gave me to help pass the time on the long [Read More...]

A reader writes:

Here’s an interesting article. The upshot is that men are not getting with The Program, insisting on “masculine identity” when the very concept of human nature is outmoded in favor of the “clean slate.” To write upon, of course. What? Anything your power desires, is what. The author is an NYT Op-Ed columnist. He’s also [Read More...]

An artist friend sends this along…

There is some truth to this quote by Jeff Hammerbacher : “The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks.” [1] If there is indeed a correlation between silence and creativity , then beware of what we, the geeks, have created. We’ve built Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and [Read More...]

My Take on the Nuns

A reader writes: I don’t know if I missed a post on the LCWR (I think that is right).  I was a little put out to see buttons at mass a couple of weeks ago that say “I stand with the sisters”.  Not because I stand with or against them,but because I don’t believe mass [Read More...]

Groveling Kiwi Minion Anthony May writes…

Greetings oh Fearless Leader, I’m in full tilt getting ready to emigrate to America from New Zealand and preparing to marry a lovely beautiful American Catholic girl, and one of the last details is two separate places for us to live while we prepare for marriage. I was wondering if perhaps you or one of [Read More...]

Help for Catholics Oppressed by the HHS Mandate

A reader writes: A month or so ago, you posted a question posted by the owner of a business who was perplexed about how to respond to the HHS Mandate. I’m in the same boat and have done quite a bit of digging to see what can be done. The best practical information I’ve found [Read More...]

A reader sends along the following entertaining screed

Money is a promise of value given in exchange for value received. Like it says on the dollar bill: “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” The owners of my corner gas station take my $10 because they believe the government’s promise that they can use the $10 for to acquire [Read More...]

A reader writes…

A reader writes: I just heard your interview with Jonette on her morning radio program. In the course of your studies concerning Mary, I was wondering if you had read the revelations given to Maria Valtorta by Jesus. Jesus states that one reason he gave us this gift was to help us to understand Mary [Read More...]

People are asking what I think about Amazon throwing some $$$ at gay “marriage”

I haven’t had time to think about it much.  I reckon buying from them is a matter of “remote material cooperation” with evil, so if there are proportional reasons to do business with them that outweigh the evil they are doing, I reckon it’s okay to do business with them. That’s my quick and dirty answer, [Read More...]

Admonishing Sinners

A reader writes: I enjoyed reading your article on fraternal correction. However, I’m still confused about when I should or shouldn’t admonish an apparent sinner. Could you help me with a concrete situation that I am dealing with? I have a cousin who is in her late 20′s, married, and with a young son. She [Read More...]