Reader Dan C.

sends me a somewhat mysterious note, presumable concerning a combox conversation with a reader that I missed.  I reprint it here in the hope that whichever reader he means will see it, as well as because I thought it was pretty good and figured others might profit from it too: Is this an answer for [Read More...]

A simple way to increase a Catholic presence at the library

Reader Chris Sparks writes: I’ve pulled together a plan for making sure every public library network has a minimum of quality Catholic content by fundraising through parishes to buy and donate books. I’ve blogged the whole thing here. It’s nothing complicated, and pretty easily done by people anywhere in the country. Part of the impetus [Read More...]

Seems Like a Cool Idea

A reader writes: My local Knights of Columbus council has a project that lots of people can imitate: To inform Catholics about important issues and raise awareness of the Knights of Columbus and its work, Spirit of Christ Council 12979 in Arvada, Colo. donated Columbia magazine subscriptions to the libraries of local Catholic high schools, colleges and student centers. Each month, [Read More...]

Maybe a reader can help here

A reader writes: I’ve been following a lot of what people have been saying post-election. Based on what I’m witnessing, it has come home to me that until the faithful can change the culture, our politics is just going to continue down the garden path to Hell. I know I’m tired of being taken for [Read More...]

Reader Andrew Pocta writes:

I’ve emailed you before, and you’ve helped promote my wife and I’s blog – – especially when my wife Cristina was undergoing a rare in-utero surgery in Philadelphia for the correction of our daughter’s Spina Bifida. We greatly appreciate it, it really brought in a lot of prayers for us and our little family! [Read More...]

A reader writes:

Mark, here’s a short article by Russell Kirk that I think you’ll find worth a read: Written in 1986 but still timely, especially since I am of the opinion that Russell Kirk trumps the spokesman of The Thing that use to be Conservatism, especially in comboxes. Good quotes: “I am not implying that conservative folk [Read More...]

Reader Mark Kolter writes:

Mark, your readers, especially those Pro-Life (all, or most, hopefully), might find the FSCC’s November featured song especially inspirational. Eric Genius’ “Here I am” written for his daughter.  Please let your readers know if you think so too. Check it out! [Read more...]

The State vs. Works of Mercy

As the state continues to metastasize, one of the things it does is horn in on private initiatives to care for the poor.  A reader writes: I volunteer down here in Houston for an organization that has for years worked to get sandwiches out to they guys waiting for jobs during the day. (The sandwiches [Read More...]

Fr. Denis Lemieux writes

I you will excuse my Canadian-ness, I have written a couple posts musing on the US election (before and after, as it happens). I’ve had good responses from my readers to both of them. My musings correspond roughly to much of what you say, so you might find the two posts linkable. God bless you all, [Read More...]

An African American reader

writes, concerning this post: Thanks Mark. I really do get discouraged with white Catholics when I hear them deny the racist code words that have been used during this election.  It destroys trust because it seems dishonest.  On the other hand, hearing a fellow Catholic challenge such statements (as you have) goes a long way [Read More...]

The Jerk Has an Intriguing Proposal

Reader “The Jerk” holds forth at various places around St. Blogs, bringing his own unique perspective to things. The other day, to my delight, he favored me with an email. I now share it with you in preparation for Election Day. He writes: Do you think it’s OK if I sell my vote? I can’t [Read More...]

A Question about Lyin’ and Killin’

A reader writes: I was hoping you could clear up this question for me. I don’t understand how the double effect can apply to justify killing, but not lying. Seems like all the same arguments that are applied to killing someone in self defense, or to protect another person, or death penalty, etc could be [Read More...]