Another Reader Writes to Describe His Experience…

as a faithful Catholic wrestling with SSA: At the end of your post “an-interesting-letter-from-a-gay-reader” you said you “would be particularly interested in hearing from gay readers who are attempting to live as a Catholic disciple of Jesus” so I thought I would share my perspective. It is difficult for me to speak about because I [Read More...]

Reader Adam Bowers has a Noble Aspiration

He writes: I’m very grateful that you helped me launch my blog a month or so ago, and I wonder if you might consider helping me fulfill another dream: I’d like to attend “Sierra Nevada Beer Camp” — people can watch my video and vote for me. My video explains the reasons why I want [Read More...]

A Reader Asks about Michael Voris’ Fusillade Against Pat Robertson

He writes: I just finished watching the following video by Michael Voris that I’ve seen posted by a few friends in various venues: I was interested in your reaction to it. I think there’s much that’s true in what Voris says in this video; however, like some of his other presentations, I found it [Read More...]

An Interesting Letter from a Gay Reader

He writes: I meant to write you after your mea culpa, but it appears someone else beat me to it. I’m happy that you’re asking about the possibility of more effective pastoral outreach to men and women in the Church who experience same-sex attraction. I think, however, the invitation for another approach in the comments [Read More...]

A Question about Christian Yoga

A reader writes: My daughter is taking a yoga class. I have avoided this practice for some time, including invitations from my friends who ask me to join their “Christian” yoga classes. I continue to wonder if this form of exercise is good or not. I have read many viewpoints on both sides. I know [Read More...]

A question about answering faith questions from kids in atheist families

A reader writes: So, I live with a family that is vaguely religious. They don’t seem to be Christian and seem to belong to a spiritual community of some kind, but I’ve never heard them say anything about religion, spirituality, etc. They have a couple of small children who often take an interest in me [Read More...]

Help a Reader with a Curious Problem

A reader writes: I’m in my early 30s now but being a cradle Catholic I was confirmed at the usual time – 14 years old, when my faith was rather casual. At that time, with my grandfather as my sponsor, I took my other, late grandfather’s first name, John, as my confirmation name.  Of course, [Read More...]

A Question about Means and Ends

A reader writes: The discussion on the problem of “ends justify the means” reasoning – or “consequentialism” has gotten me reflecting more on this popular philosophical quagmire, and the more I have thought about it, I can’t help but wonder – does a “good end” truly “never justify an illicit means” in 100% of all [Read More...]

I Can Totally Believe Time Spent on Twitter is Time Off of Purgatory

Also time spent in shopping malls, or at the dentist, or reviewing Dan Brown novels should be good for years, if not centuries, off purgatory. However, some folks have honest questions and concerns about purgatory, so they write me: I have a two-fold question for you concerning Pope Francis granting indulgences for those who follow [Read More...]

A reader asks about prudential judgments…

…over at the Register. It turns out “prudential judgment” is not Latin for “ignore the Church if her guidance inconveniences you in any slight way.” Leftist Catholics appeal to “primacy of conscience” when they want to ignore the Church. Rightist Catholics appeal to “prudential judgment” when they want to ignore the Church. But, in fact, [Read More...]