I Haven’t Really Followed the Common Core Kerfuffle

…since it’s not really addressed to my condition or that of my kids. However, a reader writes: As Catholic high school theology teachers, my wife and I are very concerned about this. We actually think our product is better than the public school product. I hope you can help us get some more awareness out [Read More...]

The Latest on Women Cardinals

A reader writes: Hi, Mark! I’ve followed with interest your discussions about the Possibility of women cardinals, and my Mark just stumbled upon this article this evening. The title belies that intriguing third paragraph quote – seems to be Vatican code for “It’s going to happen, but don’t rush us.” I’d love to hear your [Read More...]

A Reader Has a Question about Devotion to the Agnus Dei

He writes: There’s nothing wrong with devotion to Christ under the title and image of The Lamb of God, is there? I ask because, though the Agnus Dei has proven a popular subject in both Catholic art and literature, there seem to be virtually no devotions connected to it. The closest I can find are [Read More...]

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

A reader asks: I loved the article, Is God A Consequentialist? Why do we pray in the Our Father, “Lead us not into temptation.”? Here is a chapter from my book The Heart of Catholic Prayer: Rediscovering the Our Father and the Hail Mary. If you are interested in the rest of my treatment of [Read More...]

A reader remarks on Reformation Sunday

She writes: I had a bit of a thought regarding Reformation Sunday, which is rapidly approaching (it’s this Sunday), which I thought I’d share with you. This day saddens me greatly, as a day which marks the beginning of a deep wound to the unity of the Church. Since I think prayer for Christian unity [Read More...]

An Episcopalian Reader Writes

You spend a lot of time (and rightly so) excoriating the Thing That Used to be Episcopalianism (TTUTBE). In the interest of equal time, might I commend your attention to a new(ish) thing that God is doing? I spent this past weekend in your back yard (Tacoma, that is) attending the annual Synod of the [Read More...]

A question about bastardy

A reader writes: On the list of possible topics for you to blog about, this probably doesn’t rank real high–so I totally understand if you don’t it tackle it. But…before and after converting to Catholicism (Easter 2011) I have run into person after person (Protestant, Catholic, or otherwise) who labors under what I HOPE (and [Read More...]

Another SSA Reader Writes:

Hello! A while ago you invited those with Same Sex Attractions to share their thoughts and experiences with you. I have been thinking about writing to you for some time now, and, if you’ve received this message, apparently I have succeeded! I am a woman who experiences strong attractions to the same sex, and who [Read More...]

Why I Do What I Do

A reader very graciously writes: 8 years ago, I was trapped between my heart’s recognition of Christ in the Eucharist and my deep desire to be united to the Church and my intellectual integrity which would not allow me to give my “Amen” to everything the Church teaches when I certainly did not know, understand, [Read More...]

How Not to Impose on a Complete Stranger’s Time

Method 1: Demonstrate those Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak social skilz (chicks dig guys with skilz) that do so much to enamor internet atheists to Normals. From: Socratic Forum Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 2:19 PM To: Mark Shea Subject: Debate Proposal– challenge! Jersey Flight from the Socratic Forum for Thought would like to [Read More...]