A Question about Means and Ends

A reader writes: The discussion on the problem of “ends justify the means” reasoning – or “consequentialism” has gotten me reflecting more on this popular philosophical quagmire, and the more I have thought about it, I can’t help but wonder – does a “good end” truly “never justify an illicit means” in 100% of all [Read More...]

I Can Totally Believe Time Spent on Twitter is Time Off of Purgatory

Also time spent in shopping malls, or at the dentist, or reviewing Dan Brown novels should be good for years, if not centuries, off purgatory. However, some folks have honest questions and concerns about purgatory, so they write me: I have a two-fold question for you concerning Pope Francis granting indulgences for those who follow [Read More...]

A reader asks about prudential judgments…

…over at the Register. It turns out “prudential judgment” is not Latin for “ignore the Church if her guidance inconveniences you in any slight way.” Leftist Catholics appeal to “primacy of conscience” when they want to ignore the Church. Rightist Catholics appeal to “prudential judgment” when they want to ignore the Church. But, in fact, [Read More...]

A Reader Who Knows a Lot More About Economics Than Me Writes

I just thought that I would share with you some good news about how you’ve forced me to more seriously consider the social gospels and reconcile them with my own beliefs about human nature and economic organization. The poor, around the world, own approximately $9.3 Trillion in real capital. The problem is that this is [Read More...]

Turns out There are Professional Liars

No. Seriously. A reader writes: When the going gets weird the liars turn pro. What do you make of the observation that US professional lying is more rare than in Europe or Japan? Um, hard to say. Could be true. Could be that Americans are bigger liars than Europeans and Japanese and don’t want to [Read More...]

Interesting Letter from a Celibate Gay Reader

A reader writes: I started to comment on your blog, but I doubted you replied to every single message addressed to you. Further, in my experience with blogging, the com-boxes often degenerate into an unChristian war zone. So, I felt it best not to make my comment there, especially given the nature of what I’d [Read More...]

Interesting speculative question

Would the absence of sin in the created universe remove the possibility of errors in human judgment, physical injuries, interpersonal misunderstandings, etc., or are these realities arising from the nature of the human person and only accentuated by sin? Had Adam and Eve never sinned would Adam still have potentially missed an important item on [Read More...]

I share this simply because love is beautiful

A reader writes: I just want to share this with a larger audience, since my heart is full: I’ve known Lawrence (not his real name) since he was 8 years old. His parents and I belong to the same prayer group, and somehow we just hit it off. He would invariably bring a Calvin and [Read More...]

Just Wait Till “Citizen Journalists” Start Bugging Confessionals and Putting it on Youtube

A reader writes: So I wonder what would happen if a pro-abortion person went into a pregnancy clinic and lied about… wait! Now we know! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it goes something like this now: 1) Prolifers ‘expose’ abortion clinics by lying. 2) Pro-abortion activists do the same thing to pregnancy centers. 3) [Read More...]

Hey Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR!

A reader has a question: Our family has recently relocated to Vancouver, WA. My husband and I have been prayerfully discerning whether or not it would be best to homeschool our children. Do you know of any resources or support groups for Catholic homeschoolers in the Vancouver area? I have found a few homeschool support [Read More...]