Question about Election and Predestination

A reader writes: The text “Many are called, few are chosen” is often used to defend the theology of Election and Predestination.  How would a Catholic interpret this? I’m not sure how that particular text is used in that discussion (such matters are typically hashed over by converts from Calvinism, not by former Arminians like [Read More…]

Crowdsourcing Some Ideas from My Readers

A reader writes: Here in our small southern town, it is difficult for me to give my kids a strong sense of Catholic identity.  I do what I can at home, but the vast majority of their friends are Protestant – many anti-Catholic. My children are firmly Catholic, but they have no concept of what [Read More…]

Another question about the deuterocanon

A reader writes: I have read your article on deuterocanonical books, your reasons on why they should be included in the bible. Can you provide a simplified version of that writing? Sure. Because the Church in union with Peter, the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15) granted authority by Christ to loose [Read More…]

Question about Mysterious Pain

A reader writes: Here’s a theological question if you need blog material.  I have had a pinched nerve in my hip for 5 years.  Recently it just stopped hurting.  Did the Lord bless me with this, and, if so, why, since I am not at all a good Christian and there are good Christians out [Read More…]

Franciscan September Song

Sister Julie Ann writes: Thought you might like to share a simply good song with others who may be experiencing the lyrics of the song… Franciscan Sisters offer their September Song of the Month, “In the Middle of Heaven and Here”, a free song download for the new semester at their Franciscanized World page: [Read More…]

Question and Answer

A reader asks: Why hasn’t there been a more concerted effort of outreach to bring in more black people into the Church ? We’re Catholics. There hasn’t been a concerted effort of outreach to bring anybody into the Church. When people ask if I believe in organized religion, I say, “No. I’m a Catholic.” [Read more…]

First They Came for the Bloggers and…

Hey! Waitaminnit! That’s me! Reader Joe Wagner writes: I stumbled across an old post of yours where someone was defending Cliven Bundy by saying “first they came for the rancher and I said nothing.” We all know the quote that comes from. Is it just me or does it sound morally relativistic? Like we should [Read More…]

Why be Catholic when I’ve been baptized?

A reader writes: I have a friend who is an Evangelical. Over the years she has gone from verbally attacking the Church, to being more silent on the subject, to being somewhat accepting of our existence. Now, she asks me the question—“If I believe in Jesus and who he says he is, and I have [Read More…]

A Correspondence with a Reader about Occult Stuff

The occult is something where I am mostly out of my depth, particularly when it comes to the Church’s pastoral responses. My passing acquaintance with it has come from press clippings from the (I think) wildly dubious and unreliable Fr. Gabriele Amorth, whom many Catholics mysteriously trust despite massive reasons not to do so, and [Read More…]