I share this simply because love is beautiful

A reader writes: I just want to share this with a larger audience, since my heart is full: I’ve known Lawrence (not his real name) since he was 8 years old. His parents and I belong to the same prayer group, and somehow we just hit it off. He would invariably bring a Calvin and [Read More...]

Just Wait Till “Citizen Journalists” Start Bugging Confessionals and Putting it on Youtube

A reader writes: So I wonder what would happen if a pro-abortion person went into a pregnancy clinic and lied about… wait! Now we know! Correct me if I’m wrong, but it goes something like this now: 1) Prolifers ‘expose’ abortion clinics by lying. 2) Pro-abortion activists do the same thing to pregnancy centers. 3) [Read More...]

Hey Vancouver, WA/Portland, OR!

A reader has a question: Our family has recently relocated to Vancouver, WA. My husband and I have been prayerfully discerning whether or not it would be best to homeschool our children. Do you know of any resources or support groups for Catholic homeschoolers in the Vancouver area? I have found a few homeschool support [Read More...]

I’m often impressed by the deep goodness of my readers

Here is a typical piece of correspondence I often get from readers, which I offer mostly as a sample of the deep orientation toward goodness and decency that is alive in so many hearts out there: You probably get so much e-mail you may or may not recognize my infrequent contacts with you.  I have [Read More...]

Question About St. James

A reader writes: My question deals with what I saw on a documentary program   River of Light on EWTN about St. James’ Missionary Journey to Spain and when   he got there; the people doing the documentary said that the Apostles had to   get 12 disciples and St. James could only get 11 due to the [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about ecclesiology

He writes: I’ve heard all kinds of theories about the eternal fate of Protestants ranging from the universalist and inclusive “everybody makes the cut” to the more traditional “No salvation outside the Church”. Given that the rest of my family consist almost entirely of Protestant, I’m very interested in determining which position is correct. Which [Read More...]

The Ambiguities of the Council

A reader writes: Hey Mark, have you read anything about the recent comments by Cardinal Kasper that Vatican II was “deliberately ambiguous”? Some traditionalists are making a lot of noise about this. One, whom I consider a friend, Dr. Phil Blosser, has this article: Although he cites Sungenis at one point (just to say he [Read More...]

A Reader Sez Something Profound

“The devil does not care about killing the children as much as he wants to make murderers out of people.” One of the things that has increasingly troubled me, not only about the abortion struggle, but the religious liberty struggle, has been the tendency of Christians to talk as though the first death is the [Read More...]

A reader has a Question about By What Authority?

He writes: I read your book a few years ago and found it tremendously helpful in resolving my doubts about biblical authenticity. THANKS! I have a copy on order (gave my copy away) from amazon uk since March 13th but no delivery date yet… Can you suggest an alternative provider? Amazon.com here in the US [Read More...]

Some readers noted that the quote by Belloc…

…that I noted here is basically making the same point Boccacio makes in The Decameron six centuries ago. My reply: Belloc is not quoting, but he is cribbing. And more power to him! The great thing about being a Catholic writer is that you can plagiarize and call it “being faithful to the Tradition.” [Read more...]