Yoo hoo! Hell-Spawned Fooooorces!

A reader writes: I wonder if I might marshal your Dark Imperious Majesty and its hell-spawned forces to resolve a question. I’m an ex-seminarian applying for my master’s in theology at a couple of different schools in the New York area, and I ran into something strange but unverified. According to one post on a [Read More...]

My interesting skeptical reader writes again

in response to this conversation. Sez he: Maybe what I’m having problems with is this: it seems like prayer, as you describe is, is not – even in principle – capable of having anything that could disconfirm it. Allow me to explain. I could envision prayer working in such a way that, given one set [Read More...]

Interesting question from a reasonable skeptic

He writes: Please help me understand something. If someone isn’t healed, that, just like a healing, is God’s will–I presume I have the correct? So why would anyone pray for healing when that could well be contrary to God’s will? I could better understand a prayer that said , “God, thy will be done,” a [Read More...]

A reader wonders whether he should come to the Chesterton Conference in Reno

He writes: Hello Mark, It has been a pleasure reading your blog for some time now, and also wonderful knowing you are a fellow Chestertonian! I am one of the initial members of the newly formed Central Florida Chesterton Society. I need some advice, and perhaps a boost. I do have the time and opportunity [Read More...]

Sherry Weddell, who lives in Colorado…

has an idea that has crossed my mind too: Make the penalty for such crimes utter anonymity. Thou hast rebuked the nations, thou hast destroyed the wicked; thou hast blotted out their name for ever and ever. The enemy have vanished in everlasting ruins; their cities thou hast rooted out; the very memory of them [Read More...]

A reader writes…

Many people are having a field day justifying disobedient behavior with the following remark of Ratzinger in the late 60′s “Over the pope as the expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority, there still stands one’s own conscience, which must be obeyed above all else, if necessary even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority. [Read More...]

A lawyer reader sez there’s a big silver lining for conservatives…

…to the Obamacare decision. I’m not a lawyer, so you smart lawyerly types can argue about it. He writes: The Constitution lays the basic groundwork for Congressional power over the nation in Article I. In Art. I, § 8, the Taxing and Spending clause empowers Congress to “lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excise, [Read More...]

A Question About Miracles

I’m curious about miracles. My youngest daughter has been married about eight years. They have been childless and really wanted children. They even went to fertility, or some other type of clinics, 200 miles from home to get help. Last I heard was that nothing could be done. When our priest was on vacation this [Read More...]

A reader has a worry about the Pope and the Mass

He writes: I am trying to understand Pope Benedict’s position about the Liturgy of the Church. I know that he cannot contradict Vatican II, but this seems to be behind some peoples’ perception: That Pope Benedict is going to do away with the Novus Ordo Mass in order to restore the Mass in Latin. When [Read More...]

Super Duper Secret New Gospel Revelations

Some guy has just written a book called the Book of Peter which he claims is based on lost or hidden writings of Clement. There is a website that gives a preview at www.bookofpeter.com To me this simply appears to be a case of a Protestant discovering writings that the Catholic Church has always known [Read More...]

Ron Paul Hate vs. Ron Paul Zealotry

A reader writes: I see that YOUR boy RON PAUL is also in favor of killing women in the womb. Cant wait to see how you explain that one away… Or maybe you’ll finally come to your senses and realize RP is a fruitcake. Ah! Feel the Christian love suffusing and transforming conservative politics! No [Read More...]

A reader wonders about…

Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus (“outside the Church, no salvation”): Do you know where I can find a good explanation for Pope Eugenius IV’s CANTATE DOMINO in light of what the Catechism teaches about “no salvation outside the Church”. Out of curiosity, I looked at Jerry Matatic’s website ( yes, I am aware that he is [Read More...]