A reader sends along information on immigration

She writes: I wanted to send two resources along regarding immigration law that square with my (limited) experience. People don’t really understand immigration patterns or the procedures involved for people to get here legally or what motivates people to come here without legal status and perhaps they’ll find these illuminating. I had a lot of [Read More…]

A reader has a question about Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus

He writes: how would you define the doctrine of Extra Eccelsiam Nulla Salus and what that means for non-Catholics or those who have left the Church? I respond this way: Just Exactly Where is the Church? Unam Sanctam is the sort of document that gives our Protestant brothers and sisters a real jolt, primarily because [Read More…]

Name the Exoplanet Contest!

A reader writes: You commented on the buzz regarding earth-like planets recently. You know, since the star is called “Trappist”, I suggest we name one of the three planets in the habitable zone after Thomas Merton and another after Christian de Chergé (one of the Algerian martyrs shown in the movie “Gods and Men”). Any [Read More…]

My chum Liz DiNunzio the atheist and I have been chatting

She’s an atheist who has found herself of late surprised to discover a number of Catholics that she, well, likes. We’ve been chatting back and forth about all sorts of stuff over the past few months and natural sense of fairness (as well as curiosity) has compelled her to get to know this gaggle of [Read More…]

A reader has a question about artificial contraception

He writes: Thanks for all your writing. I really enjoy it and find it uplifting when I’m feeling exhausted with the world. I have found your critique of Catholics who are overly focused on abortion at the expense of other Life issues to be compelling and personally convicting. So thanks for that! On that note, [Read More…]


A reader writes: You might have kids old enough to join us but regardless, I hope you would disseminate the information. Are you ready to step into the waters of unity? Well we are ready for you! Kerygma is now taking applications for a DTS starting Aug. 30, 2017 and we would love to have [Read More…]

Follow up conversation with my thoughtful reader…

with whom I corresponded last week. He writes: Mark, thank you so much for that kind note, it has given me a lot to think about.  I personally don’t see Trump as that big of a threat, but if you do, than I agree, you shouldn’t worry whether or not conservatives think you are being [Read More…]

A reader writes a thoughtful letter of complaint

  I have enjoyed how you have exposed the different hypocrisy’s and inconstancies in the varies positions of the right. Thank you. But I have to be honest  recently it has become so condescending that its hard to listen to. I’m sorry my tone is offputting.  Flippancy is an ancient habit with me when I [Read More…]

A young reader writes about her confusion over Pope Francis

She writes: I’m a teenaged Catholic who tries to follow your blog and very much respects your insight into topics.  Lately I’ve been having a hard time understanding all the news on amoris laetitia, Pope Francis, and the Dubia: What should a Catholic think and say when people ask? I can only speak for myself [Read More…]

A reader struggles with fear of hell

He writes: Confession or Holy Communion for a couple of years because I am worried about making a sacrilege. People tell me, “Don’t worry, you have scruples/neo-Jansenism/OCD” but yet there are a number of Catholic saints and even Doctors of the Church who thought that almost everyone will be damned. There are hundreds of quotes [Read More…]