A Thomistic Analysis of Dad Jokes

Reader Peter Holmes puts his Catholic education to good use by writing: Whether some jokes are not Dad jokes Objection 1: The joke relies on knowledge not usually possessed by children. The joke is addressed to Facebook users who are, by law, over 14 years old. Therefore it is not a Dad joke. Objection 2: The [Read More…]

A reader asks for my take on the election

He writes: I trust your judgment on this whole crazy presidential race this year.  I do not like or trust either candidate so it really boils down to the fact that the next president will be nominating a minimum of two and as many as four justices that will shape the court for the next [Read More…]

Interesting Discussion with a Reader

He writes: I share a quote that you probably know well: “It is not for us to guess in what manner or moment the mercy of God might in any case have rescued the world; but it is certain that the struggle which established Christendom would have been very different if there bad been an [Read More…]

A reader struggles with a sense of loneliness in the Church

He writes: I just came across your “honest and heartfelt exchange with a friend who feels l have changed” — on Patheos.  It resonates, thank you.  In many ways this has been my experience as well.  So I wanted to write a short note to encourage you. Our parish here in Alberta is very conservative [Read More…]

A Note from a Holy Woman

She writes: I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your recent article on suffering. I have been in chronic pain since I was in my 20s, and am nearly incapacitated now (I am 62) because of rheumatoid arthritis.  The pain I experience on a daily basis is nearly indescribable. I have [Read More…]

A reader grapples with cynicism, negativity, and despair

He writes: I can relate to much of your response to Joe Grabowski. How can those of us who are in a similar situation to the one you described in your reply to Joe Grabowski do to reach out to our Catholic brethren who have fallen prey to the wolves on the left and right, [Read More…]

A reader puzzles about voting

He writes: I’m a regular reader and I was hoping for some advice on thinking with the Church for the election. I live in a deep red state, so my vote only matters for my own conscience. Here’s my problem: my state doesn’t allow write-ins. The only parties on the ballot are pro-abortion or are [Read More…]

Conversation with a Friend Who Supports Hillary

As is, I hope, clear by now I support the legitimacy of voting for Hillary to stop Trump, while at the same time noting that one does not have to vote for her if your conscience will not allow you to and while adding that if you are in a position (as I am) of [Read More…]

Had an interesting conversation with a friend about prolife utopianism

It started with a comment from a reader who said: And do any of you really think than just banning abortion will stop it? I do not get the anti abortion movement…they are anything but pro-life. The ecomomic quagmire that Trump and the GOP would create will cause more children to die…infanticide, abandoment and abuse [Read More…]

A reader has a reasonable objection to my argument that Trump advocates every evil Hillary does

He writes: Your claim that Trump and Hillary will do the same thing on abortion, namely maintain the status quo, is the biggest weakness in your nevertrumpness and the one place where a lot of reasonable pro-life people disagree with you. You’re correct that, by all accounts, Trump doesn’t care about abortion and will do [Read More…]