A reader puzzles about the HHS Mandate

He writes: Maybe this is just a particularly loathsome example of liberal Christian nonsense, but this article, by a Quaker, is making the rounds on FB. Read it if you have time — if not, I know you’re busy. I’m wondering if you know any good articles, or have written any, that addresses the following [Read More...]

Any Readers Familiar with the Church in Sevilla, Spain?

A reader writes: I have a good friend I met as an exchange student here 20 years ago who lives in Spain (her home country).  She grew up Catholic but I think marginally practiced.  When she was here she went to church with her host family to an evangelical Protestant church and really experienced Christ [Read More...]

When you get two emails both titled “Shameless Self Promotion” from Two People…

…who don’t know each other, and you like them both, what do you do? Offer a twofer, of course! First, the lovely and excellent Erin Manning writes: Last fall you were immensely kind enough to help me spread the word that my first-ever children’s science fiction book, The Telmaj, was available for sale. May I [Read More...]

The Unstoppable Brandon Vogt and Fr. Robert Barron Want *YOU*

Brandon writes: Lots of people have questions for Fr. Robert Barron, but between running Mundelein Seminary and spearheading Word on Fire, he just doesn’t have enough time to answer all of them. Yet we know these questions are important. That’s why today, we at Word on Fire have launched a new way to connect with [Read More...]

A Word of Thanks to My Awesome Readers

…from the family you helped out last week: Dear Amazing, Wonderful, Giving Strangers of the World, (I have a weird sense of humor so go with it. :D) There are no words that can express how deeply thankful we are to all of you. You have blessed us in a way we never would have [Read More...]

A reader from the troubled Mpls diocese writes:

I listened to you on October 8, 2013, at the Argument of the Month Event in St. Paul, MN. I believe you did an excellent job and in my opinion I believe your advice for the average Catholic was much better than that from the opposing side. Praying, fasting, and almsgiving (charity) is action that [Read More...]

A reader has a long letter that I empathize with

She writes: As a regular Patheos Catholic channel peruser, it is a pleasure to read your work. I appreciate your wit, your perceptive thinking, and most of all, your soft heart, open to the movement of the Holy Spirit. I haven’t been able to stop feeling troubled about Francis press since he arrived and before [Read More...]

A reader seeks your thoughts on Catholic High Schools

I don’t have any kids in Catholic school and never have, so I can’t offer anything intelligent here. Maybe you can. A reader writes: Hi Mark, I just found an article you wrote on NFP. Saw you a men’s conference in Worchester a couple of years ago. Was searching the internet because something was/is bothering [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about how to be a good witness

He writes: I am one of the readers of your blog and enjoy reading your apologetics. I am writing to you concerning the call to every Christian to love and serve God and submit to his will, which in today’s world of “me, myself and I” is a very ludicrous idea. The question is how [Read More...]

A reader from Mpls/St. Paul writes:

Please keep Archbishop Nienstedt and the Catholic Church in Minnesota in your prayers. Today Archbishop Nienstedt was accused of inappropriately touching a teenaged boy during a confirmation group photo in 2009. I have met and spoken with Archbishop Nienstedt on several occasions and I think the accusation is bogus and am increasingly wondering if there [Read More...]

If you get to kill people in war, why don’t you get to torture them too?

Over at the Register, a reader asks a common question: I’m confused about something. Assuming we have a just war (and I know there are doubts about whether Iraq/Afghanistan fall into this category but that is a discussion for another day), the Church says it is OK to use force i.e. to kill soldiers on [Read More...]

Question re: Generational Healing

A reader writes: This week, my parish hosted Fr. Gregory Bramlage, who conducted a healing mission. Several of the attendees have approached me, knowing that I teach apologetics, to get my opinion on what happened at the mission, and I’m at a loss on how to answer them. Here is my summary of the questions [Read More...]