An honest and heartfelt exchange with a friend who feels that I’ve changed

Joe Grabowski writes (echoing similar letters from other friends and acquaintances I’ve gotten): I’m writing as an admirer, as a brother in Christ, as one like-minded to you even in so many of those issues which are left up to the prudential judgement of individual Catholics, and as – I hope – a friend. I [Read More…]

A Filipina reader writes…

to commiserate and ask for prayers: First of all, I must discharge my toadie duty with honor, and praise your reading of Shakespeare in Trump-speak. I myself have not heard much from that public figure in question, and so this is one of the rare instances where reading the text feels a little flat for [Read More…]

The Amazing and Wonderful Small World of the Catholic Internet

Was plowing through my email today and found a note from a man responding to one of my Mary pieces over at the Register. it was a very sweet note with an accompanying essay the reader had written about Our Lady, but what really got me was his biosketch. He was born to an Orthodox [Read More…]

The Tu Quoque Fallacy is All the Party of Trump Has Left

A reader writes regarding Fr. West’s calumny: All due respect, sir, but do you not commit the same error as he does by saying that your accuser supports Planned Parenthood, torture, abortion, etc. because his candidate does? In my opinion, you should remove those statements from this column to make yourself unworthy of any blame [Read More…]

Question about Tithing

A reader writes: I have a question about tithing.  I’ve read folks who say to give at least 10%, and I’ve read others who say “give what you can, it’s understandable if you can’t make the 10% mark”, and I’ve read some positions in between along the lines of “tithing was made for man, not man [Read More…]

Question on Atonement

A reader writes: Hello!  I have a question (or topic suggestion) about the Catholic understanding of atonement that I would love to hear you and any one of your weekly Connecting the Dots co-hosts discuss. My family is in the process of joining the Catholic church (as I’ve discussed in previous correspondences with you).  Our [Read More…]

Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein has been a busy bee!

She writes: So much has happened since I last sent out an all-points update with news of my studies and apostolate that I hardly know where to begin. The biggest news is that, on May 7, I graduated the University of St. Mary of the Lake summa cum laude (see more photos here). Praise God! My [Read More…]

A Reader Writes about Rene Girard and Donald Trump

I’ll just post the note without comment as I thought it perceptive and wise: Good evening Mark, Regarding your recent piece titled ‘’Voting to Support a Lesser Evil vs. Voting to Lessen Evil’’, I wanted to make the following points. I agree with everything you wrote in this text except for this one statement about [Read More…]

A reader has a question about Evangelical views of the Eucharist

He writes: I’m studying the bible and the sacraments. How does the evangelicals interpreted 1 Cor, 11:27, 30? What is their interpretation?? The passage he refers to is this: Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of [Read More…]

A Catholic Sailor Could Use Your Help

He writes: I’m writing to you wondering if you knew of any Catholic ministries or anything of the sort- similar to FOCUS, but for military? I haven’t gotten into contact yet with the Catholic Chaplain here as he is away on emergency sick leave, but I was wondering if you had anything off the top [Read More…]