A few weeks ago I got a letter from a new convert to the Faith

Now her husband writes me and has some interesting remarks as somebody who has background as a worship leader in an Evangelical Church: This is P, K’s husband. Thank you for your encouraging reply to her email.  It has been a fantastic journey and we are so excited to be home!  I would like to [Read More...]

The Santa Issue…

A reader writes: One of your long-time readers here. I know that the Santa Controversy has cropped up on the blog every so often, but so far I haven’t paid it much attention. Now that I’m approaching my first Christmas season with an almost-three-year-old, however, it’s a much less academic issue! It’s also complicated by [Read More...]

Attention, Fans of the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago!

A reader writes: Recently, we’ve conducted an interview with the Canons from the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago, IL in regards to the monthly Infant King novena. We have it posted on the Institute’s website and I was wondering if you would be willing to share the following link of it on your [Read More...]

A reader who *claims* to be human writes…

I think you will enjoy this…My family in Cali released in the night sky lit up balloons yesterday symbolizing what they were thankful for & it gets reported in the news as possible UFO invasion! I searched for “lights in sky LA” via 24hr google search, this link came up with the comment “glowing orbs [Read More...]

Vatican II, Salvation, and the Unsaved

Carl Olson writes: “Vatican II, Salvation, and the Unsaved: A CWR Symposium”, has just been posted on the CWR site: Here are direct links to the eight essays: • “Every one to whom much is given, of him will much be required” by Douglas Bushman • Vatican II and the “Bad News” of the Gospel [Read More...]

The Real Reason I’m a Catholic Writer

Sometimes you get emails like this: I just wanted to send you a quick note as one of your blog fans and someone who has contacted you in the past regarding your book, By What Authority. It is a long story, but this past Sunday my husband, 20-year-old daughter, and 15-year-old son were all confirmed [Read More...]

A former Episcopalian turned Catholic writes to praise Bp. Blair of Hartford

Sez she: I read your piece, followed the link and laughed at Michael Sean Winters’ concern. You see, Bishop Blair is from the same state as Jack ‘the Dripper’ Kervorkian — Michigan. In fact back in 1998 I had a scheduled meeting with our rector of Christ Church Grosse Pointe Farms to discuss something for [Read More...]

If only women could be priests…

A reader writes: We hear that if women were in leadership position within the Church that the sex abuse crisis would have been handled very differently with children as the first priority. Here’s a Bay Area case that brings into question that argument: Get a search warrant, Mt. Diablo district attorney told Concord detective investigating [Read More...]

A reader wonders about gay “marriage”

She writes:  I live in a state that just yesterday legalized gay marriage (IL). The law in question does protect religious institutions from having to perform or host gay weddings, but that’s all it does; some opponents say it is the weakest or worst in the nation in that regard (protecting conscience rights of those [Read More...]

I Haven’t Really Followed the Common Core Kerfuffle

…since it’s not really addressed to my condition or that of my kids. However, a reader writes: As Catholic high school theology teachers, my wife and I are very concerned about this. We actually think our product is better than the public school product. I hope you can help us get some more awareness out [Read More...]

The Latest on Women Cardinals

A reader writes: Hi, Mark! I’ve followed with interest your discussions about the Possibility of women cardinals, and my Mark just stumbled upon this article this evening. The title belies that intriguing third paragraph quote – seems to be Vatican code for “It’s going to happen, but don’t rush us.” I’d love to hear your [Read More...]

A Reader Has a Question about Devotion to the Agnus Dei

He writes: There’s nothing wrong with devotion to Christ under the title and image of The Lamb of God, is there? I ask because, though the Agnus Dei has proven a popular subject in both Catholic art and literature, there seem to be virtually no devotions connected to it. The closest I can find are [Read More...]