A Reader Has a Question About How God Can be “in Heaven”

He writes: I have enjoyed your writing, and I like its clarity. Recently I have been pondering something that puzzles me. How can the Father by “in” Heaven? Whatever Heaven is, it does not exist before the Father. The Father does not have a body which could be within some created space. What can this [Read More…]

A reader writes about Universal Basic Income

This is pretty much outside of my wheelhouse but I thought I’d pass it along for our argument du jour. He writes: I wanted to pass this along to you because it deals with a topic that I find fascinating and have only recently encountered for the first time: universal basic income. It strikes me [Read More…]

A Reader has a Question about the Compatibility of Evangelical and Catholic Theology

He writes: Mr. Shea, Good morning! I have a question regarding a view I’ve read on what exactly the gospel is by some Protestant thinkers and I’m wondering what the Catholic perspective is. The Catholic perspective is the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed. Scot McKnight (author of The Jesus Creed) has argued that most Christians are getting the [Read More…]

An Orthodox Reader Returns to the Catholic Communion

…and asks for prayer: Mark, thank you for your short, but insightful answer to an Orthodox reader’s question about why you were not Orthodox. I was Orthodox … until yesterday, when I returned to the Catholic Church. Your answer popped up in search results after I had turned to Google, in the midst of Pope [Read More…]

A Returning Catholic Expresses Her Gratitude for Holy Church

She writes: You did a masterful job in your reply to this poor soul who expressed his questioning faith. As a Catholic who left the Church( regretfully)  almost 50 years ago and have now  returned, (I must say joyfully). My questions, my searching, my reluctance –all have evaporated in the face of once again being [Read More…]

A Seventh Day Adventist writes:

I was raised Catholic. I can tell of your forthrightness after reading your article where you mention Maciel. I know some of his story. Thank you! Also, you use the Bible text, and for that reason, I am sending you the next thought: An understanding of the revealed will of God enlarges the mind, expands, [Read More…]


A reader writes: I thought you might appreciate this fun little intellectual exercise I’m having with the cognitive dissonance of being pro-vaccine yet anti-refugee– _______ Anti: I’m concerned _____ will cause harm. Pro: That’s not really a rational fear because the likelihood of anything bad happening is vanishingly small, we take far greater risks all [Read More…]

A Question about Charisms

A reader writes: Do you have any information on the status of the gifts that were promised to Christians such as snake handling, poison drinking and speaking in tongues. What does the Church say about it? I know we have healing and exorcism but I’m a little confused on the other gifts and the use [Read More…]