Dr. Dawn Eden Goldstein has been a busy bee!

She writes: So much has happened since I last sent out an all-points update with news of my studies and apostolate that I hardly know where to begin. The biggest news is that, on May 7, I graduated the University of St. Mary of the Lake summa cum laude (see more photos here). Praise God! My [Read More…]

A Reader Writes about Rene Girard and Donald Trump

I’ll just post the note without comment as I thought it perceptive and wise: Good evening Mark, Regarding your recent piece titled ‘’Voting to Support a Lesser Evil vs. Voting to Lessen Evil’’, I wanted to make the following points. I agree with everything you wrote in this text except for this one statement about [Read More…]

A reader has a question about Evangelical views of the Eucharist

He writes: I’m studying the bible and the sacraments. How does the evangelicals interpreted 1 Cor, 11:27, 30? What is their interpretation?? The passage he refers to is this: Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of [Read More…]

A Catholic Sailor Could Use Your Help

He writes: I’m writing to you wondering if you knew of any Catholic ministries or anything of the sort- similar to FOCUS, but for military? I haven’t gotten into contact yet with the Catholic Chaplain here as he is away on emergency sick leave, but I was wondering if you had anything off the top [Read More…]

An Irish Priest Writes about “The Force Awakens” and Skellig Michael

Says he: Since its in the zeitgeist it’s worth pointing out that for at least 400 years Skellig Michael was the site of a monastic community-from 8th to 12th century. Merchant ships from Byzantium traded fish for wine, presumably for the celebration of the Eucharist. The stone staircase built by the monks takes you from [Read More…]

Question about Mercy

A reader writes: I enjoyed reading The Heart of Catholic Prayer and found it interesting to reflect on some aspects of the Our Father and the Hail Mary that were not previously top of mind. One chapter that stuck with me was Chapter 8 (“And forgive us our trespasses..”) where you rightly point out how [Read More…]

Talking About Adam and Eve to a Seven Year Old

A reader writes: I wonder if you have ever seen this question addressed well, or if you would be willing to take a crack at it on your blog: My seven year old daughter is asking questions about Adam and Eve. Her naive literalism (de facto, never explicitly taught by us) is not going to [Read More…]

A reader asks about the pope calling Christians and Muslims “brothers and sisters”

He writes: I was hoping you could help me understand something. The Pope recently said that “Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters,” and of course this caused quite a stir. I ended up arguing with both a Protestant friend and a Catholic friend as to what he meant by this.  Initially I said, “All [Read More…]

A reader struggles with an alienated niece

He writes: We really respect your knowledge and level headedness of the faith and have a concern to share with you about church teaching on marriage. My wife and I have taught Theology of the Body for four years and have a good understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Our niece, who was raised Catholic, [Read More…]

On Using the Language of “War” for Stuff that is Not War

A reader writes: I know I’m behind, but I had the chance to listen to your podcast episode where you and Simcha Fisher disagreed over the use of warfare language in response to the Paris terrorist attacks (and terror attacks in general, I think).   I thought I would weigh in.  Let me say, too, [Read More…]