Templeton Prize Winner Msgr. Tomas Malik

A reader writes: The very worthy Msgr. Tomas Halik won the Templeton prize. Just a note: He’s a wonderful man, and the priest that married me and my wife over 18 years ago at the Church of Saint Francis in Prague. It’s worth going to the website below, and watching a video of him addressing [Read More...]

A reader struggles with the whole “lying in a desperate situation” problem

…writing: You were a big force in my conversion a few years ago, so I’m hoping you can help me. You’ve said the Church teaches lying is always a sin. I’m having some trouble with that. Let’s say I’m sheltering a woman from her abusive husband. He enters in a drunken rage demanding to know [Read More...]

A reader struggles to understand Sacred Tradition

He writes: I just finished reading your book “By What Authority” and let me tell you, it was one of the best books I have ever read in regard of Tradition and the Catholic Faith. It has definitely given me stronger faith. I’m glad!  Thanks be to God! I am an 18 year old Catholic [Read More...]

A reader has a question for somebody knowledgable in history

He writes: In my high school theology classes I like to show films that portray Catholic priests in a positive light (for my Vocations class in particular). I recently showed the films “The Mission” and “Molokai: the story of Father Damien”. The students picked up the positives of being a dedicated and heroic priest, but [Read More...]

A reader struggles with Polygenism and Genesis

So, I’m sure you’ve heard this/discussed this/etc before, but I’m trying to reconcile my viewpoint on Adam and Eve, and I’m hoping you can help me. Modern science contradicts a literal understanding of the creation of man. (Being Catholic, I’m not one for a fundamentalist view of the Bible, obvs) Now, I don’t doubt the [Read More...]

My readers are awesome

A few days ago somebody wrote to ask for prayer in his struggle with porn. Now a reader very sweetly and humbly writes: I don’t have a lot of advice to give, but I do have sympathy. I struggle with the exact same problem. It almost cost me one job, and has been my besetting [Read More...]

Dawn Eden files a report…

on her adventures in Scotland: I am delighted to be writing to you today from the historic Greyfriars Convent in the beautiful town of Elgin, Scotland, where I am one-third of the way through the nine speaking dates of my U.K. tour sharing the message of My Peace I Give You (see a list of [Read More...]

A reader asks me a question I don’t feel very well qualified to answer

Sez he: While watching the Olympics we saw the Chevy commercial with the gay couple and kids. Since it seems (soon) that we will be seeing such references frequently, do you have any advice for helping parents to talk about these things with our kids? How can we both understand and love? I don’t want [Read More...]

A Malaysian reader…

…writes something that should be rather devastating for American readers to hear: I am a Malaysian by birth, a Chinese through ancestry, a Catholic by God´s grace, and this thorny issue has frustrated me ever since. Prayers are the only consolation that we can have for now. PS: Be sure that you are in my [Read More...]

This is clever!

A reader writes: I’m a long-time reader and a big fan. I’ve emailed you a couple of times in the past. I just came across this and it seems like the kind of thing that’s right up your alley: http://thekronies.com/ It’s a website featuring several YouTube videos for a fictional line of action figures representing [Read More...]