A Conversation about Fat Jokes

A reader wrote me in puzzlement because some Anonymous crashed her embroidery blog with a (to her) cryptic remark: And it continues! I’m not even sure what “pastry pontiff” means. And Anonymous was off-topic — his/her comment wasn’t about hardanger embroidery at all! Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “On the Last [Read More...]

Question about “Defining Oneself by One’s Sexuality”

A reader writes: Is it uncharitable for me to say that it seems really shallow for one to define oneself by one’s sexual proclivities, whether you’re L or G or B or T — or even H? Is this another example of people filling their unrecognized but innate desire for religion, for something to believe [Read More...]

Homosex and Shrimp

A reader writes: I know you are a very busy person, but if you could humor me by helping me out with this, I would appreciate it. I keep reading over and again, on FB and blogs that “Sure, the Bible condemned homosexuality, but it also condemned the eating of shellfish. If you think homosexuality [Read More...]

Conversation with Somebody Thinking of Becoming Catholic

He writes: I am considering becoming a Catholic and currently have a few questions I would like to ask. 1) I am having trouble distinguishing what teachings are essential to believe in to become a Catholic and what teachings are not essential? What beliefs are dogma and what belief fall in the area of non-essential [Read More...]

Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle”

Reader Jim Condit, Jr writes in my comboxes: What are these panicked attacks on The Principle Movie? If it is that absurd, it will fall on its own. The Trailer (we use to call it a preview!) looks great, and it looks like a thought-provoking movie. Don’t most people need to consider that the earth [Read More...]

Interested in Helping Birth a Book?

A reader writes: A friend of mine has written a novel and is looking for some help spreading the word: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1785187395/death-of-secrets Check it out! [Read more...]

How Not to Win Hearts and Minds

So here’s the thing: I basically agree with the Church (and most humans in human history) that the optimal environment in which a child should be raised is in family with a father and a mother bound together in the covenant of marriage. The way not to persuade me to change my mind is write me [Read More...]

Reader Steve Schloeder writes

I just got the go ahead to teach a course at ASU on Catholic architecture — would you please post/ blog on this – I think it will be important. Done. Check thou it out, Gentle Reader. [Read more...]

Time Wasted on the Medjugorje Fraud…

…is time taken from something God wants you to actually spend time on.  A reader who realized this writes: I just read your blog about Spirit Daily/Medjugorje.  I agree w/you re:  Medj. even though my reversion back to Holy Mother Church came about due to Perpetual Adoration and reading a book on Medj. in the chapel. [Read More...]

A reader is pleased and puzzled to be Catholic

He writes: Hi Mark, enjoy your blog and writings. I’m new back to the church after decades in born again church’s. I’m thrilled to be back, after studying for a couple of years Catholic Church doctrine. Wonderful! Welcome back! But at the same time I understand again why many leave the church for what seems [Read More...]