A reader struggles with an alienated niece

He writes: We really respect your knowledge and level headedness of the faith and have a concern to share with you about church teaching on marriage. My wife and I have taught Theology of the Body for four years and have a good understanding of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Our niece, who was raised Catholic, [Read More…]

On Using the Language of “War” for Stuff that is Not War

A reader writes: I know I’m behind, but I had the chance to listen to your podcast episode where you and Simcha Fisher disagreed over the use of warfare language in response to the Paris terrorist attacks (and terror attacks in general, I think).   I thought I would weigh in.  Let me say, too, [Read More…]

Interesting note from a Reader on the Gnostic/Fundamentalist Loathing of the Feminine

Keying off my remark, “What we discover in the strange Mommie Dearest vision of Mary in older Evangelical circles is nothing about Mary, but plenty about the peculiar fears Evangelical culture has of connecting anything feminine with Christian piety.” …he writes: This particularly struck me. Earlier in my seminary studies, I wrote a philosophy thesis [Read More…]

Do we fast if Christmas is on a Friday?

A reader writes: I hope that you and your beautiful family are well and as always thank you so much for the wonderful work that you do. I do have a quick question though and I am hoping you may know the answer. What is he Church’s teaching on the obligation of abstaining from meat [Read More…]

A question about private revelation and hell

A reader writes: What do you think about the many, many horrific dreams and visions of Catholics over the years regarding Hell?  When I first really dove into Catholic literature, I remember being really shook up over St. Teresa’s vision of the place she had merited there.  She was shoved into a tiny hole in [Read More…]

Question about the formation of the Protestant Canon of Scripture

A reader writes: Since I last wrote to you (about Dum Diversas), I have been received and confirmed into the Church. Thank you for your kind and respectful answers to my honest questions, and thank you so much for writing By What Authority. That book was the nail in the coffin of my Protestant life [Read More…]

A Reader Wants to Help Refugees

She writes: I’ve been following the news about the refugee crisis, and have been really disheartened by the amount of fear and hate I’ve been seeing from so many Christians towards them since the attack on Paris. Even some of my pro-life friends in college, who are a lot better people than me and who [Read More…]

A Reader asks about Patristic References to Theosis

She writes: Could you please comment on the theology presented to us in the Office on Fri., Nov. 6th, where St. Gregory Nazianzen proclaims, “I am to be buried with Christ and to rise again with him, to become a co-heir with him, a son of God, and indeed God himself.” (pg. 493 in the [Read More…]

A Reader Has a Question About How God Can be “in Heaven”

He writes: I have enjoyed your writing, and I like its clarity. Recently I have been pondering something that puzzles me. How can the Father by “in” Heaven? Whatever Heaven is, it does not exist before the Father. The Father does not have a body which could be within some created space. What can this [Read More…]

A reader writes about Universal Basic Income

This is pretty much outside of my wheelhouse but I thought I’d pass it along for our argument du jour. He writes: I wanted to pass this along to you because it deals with a topic that I find fascinating and have only recently encountered for the first time: universal basic income. It strikes me [Read More…]