A Malaysian reader…

…writes something that should be rather devastating for American readers to hear: I am a Malaysian by birth, a Chinese through ancestry, a Catholic by God´s grace, and this thorny issue has frustrated me ever since. Prayers are the only consolation that we can have for now. PS: Be sure that you are in my [Read More...]

This is clever!

A reader writes: I’m a long-time reader and a big fan. I’ve emailed you a couple of times in the past. I just came across this and it seems like the kind of thing that’s right up your alley: http://thekronies.com/ It’s a website featuring several YouTube videos for a fictional line of action figures representing [Read More...]

Two Questions

A reader writes: I have two unrelated questions I was hoping you could answer for me on your blog: 1. If God is the source and essence of existence, how can a soul (or the devil, for that matter) be in Hell (the state of being eternally separated from God) without ceasing to exist altogether? [Read More...]

Tolkien, Converts, and the Center for American Progress

A reader writes: I had wanted to write you about  one matter, but in searching for your email address, I encountered another. About the individuals suffering from the craniorectal impaction regarding Tolkien and LOTR.  Their argument is- No converts, ergo, not Catholic.  I am a convert.  I entered into full communion with the Church.  Tollers [Read More...]

The Irrepressible Brandon Vogt writes…

This morning, Fr. Robert Barron and I launched something we’re really excited about, and I’m wondering if you could help spread the word. Each day during Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, he’ll be sending out short, powerful reflections via email. He’ll also share exclusive videos, offer discounts on new resources, and giveaway lots [Read More...]

A reader with the suspiciously un-American-sounding name “Adolfo” writes…

Ok, Mark…Quick–without using the internet–name 10 players on the Seahawks’ roster… Okay, “Adolfo” (if that’s your real name–and, by the way, you know who *else* had a name very much like “Adolfo”?  STALIN, THAT’S WHO!!!), here’s my answer: There is no “I” in “Team”.  It’s not about individuals with so-called “names”.  It’s about the Team [Read More...]

Reader Burke Ingraffia writes…

I listen to you quite a bit on EWTN radio. I am a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans where I teach Internet technologies and music technology in the Department of Music Industry Studies. I also have a B.A. in theology from Steubenville. I have a video for a new song that I think [Read More...]

Could you help with a survey?

A reader writes: A friend of mine, Fr. Albert DelloRusso, is conducting a brief (8 question) survey for his thesis project in Canon Law. Would you kindly post this link and provide your readers with an opportunity to do an easy act of charity for a very good priest? Go team! [Read more...]

A Conversation about Fat Jokes

A reader wrote me in puzzlement because some Anonymous crashed her embroidery blog with a (to her) cryptic remark: And it continues! I’m not even sure what “pastry pontiff” means. And Anonymous was off-topic — his/her comment wasn’t about hardanger embroidery at all! Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “On the Last [Read More...]

Question about “Defining Oneself by One’s Sexuality”

A reader writes: Is it uncharitable for me to say that it seems really shallow for one to define oneself by one’s sexual proclivities, whether you’re L or G or B or T — or even H? Is this another example of people filling their unrecognized but innate desire for religion, for something to believe [Read More...]