Interested in Helping Birth a Book?

A reader writes: A friend of mine has written a novel and is looking for some help spreading the word: Check it out! [Read more...]

How Not to Win Hearts and Minds

So here’s the thing: I basically agree with the Church (and most humans in human history) that the optimal environment in which a child should be raised is in family with a father and a mother bound together in the covenant of marriage. The way not to persuade me to change my mind is write me [Read More...]

Reader Steve Schloeder writes

I just got the go ahead to teach a course at ASU on Catholic architecture — would you please post/ blog on this – I think it will be important. Done. Check thou it out, Gentle Reader. [Read more...]

Time Wasted on the Medjugorje Fraud…

…is time taken from something God wants you to actually spend time on.  A reader who realized this writes: I just read your blog about Spirit Daily/Medjugorje.  I agree w/you re:  Medj. even though my reversion back to Holy Mother Church came about due to Perpetual Adoration and reading a book on Medj. in the chapel. [Read More...]

A reader is pleased and puzzled to be Catholic

He writes: Hi Mark, enjoy your blog and writings. I’m new back to the church after decades in born again church’s. I’m thrilled to be back, after studying for a couple of years Catholic Church doctrine. Wonderful! Welcome back! But at the same time I understand again why many leave the church for what seems [Read More...]

Obsessed Fanboy writes…

I know you are an extraordinarily busy man and I will not be offended in the least if you choose not to respond to this email. That said, I’ve run into a situation in my personal spiritual life that I’m hesitant to address on my own. If you deign to, would you mind answering some [Read More...]

A reader ponders whether to parish shop

Love your blog and the good sense that you bring to National Catholic Register. It’s sorely needed it seems! I have a question for you related to church attendance. Two years ago my family and I moved from PA to a small-ish town in TX. There are a few (I think 5?) Catholic churches in [Read More...]

The “Soul Fixed at Death” Thingie

A reader writes: I’m sure you get a heroic amount of email, so if you’re reading this at all: Thank You! I have a question that’s bothered me nearly every day since I came back home to Rome: Isn’t the whole “state of your soul fixed at death” thing sort of arbitrary? I understand the [Read More...]

My friend James Preece…

…author of the Catholic and Loving it blog (which you really should read), writes from Hull, in Yorkshire, England to ask: We just took the plunge, well, almost.. our eldest Leona is going to leave school at the end of December and be home educated from January. Just wondering if you have any hints and [Read More...]

A reader puzzles about the HHS Mandate

He writes: Maybe this is just a particularly loathsome example of liberal Christian nonsense, but this article, by a Quaker, is making the rounds on FB. Read it if you have time — if not, I know you’re busy. I’m wondering if you know any good articles, or have written any, that addresses the following [Read More...]