I like stories of adorable old couples…

…with successful marriages because they give hope to young married couples. Plus, they are just adorable. Here’s one such story. [Read more…]

Turns out Pope is Catholic

Expresses skepticism of gender theory, defends Christian conception of marriage and sexuality because he’s, you know, the pope and there was never any doubt what he believes except among the Greatest Catholics of All Time. [Read more…]

Mom, Daughter Charged with Incest After Marrying in Oklahoma

…and at the end of the day, a libertarian American culture that has rejected any belief in the common good and which believes that consent is the sole criterion of the good can muster no argument beyond “Ew!” to give a coherent account of why they are wrong and why there can be any law [Read More…]

What They Didn’t Tell Me in Sex Ed

The wonderful Leah Libresco is getting married and has made the sweet discovery that the body is not a problem.   [Read more…]

Francis and the Right Wing Marriage Argle-Bargle

A reader writes: I’m curious on your take about the marriage validity argle-bargle going around. I tend to give Francis the benefit of the doubt here (and I REALLY see his point about most not getting what marriage really is) but a lot of folks have pilloried him. I find the whole thing ridiculous.  Francis’ [Read More…]

Fewer abortions and less contraception…

…means stronger families, according to study. [Read more…]

Bravo, Abp. Cupich!

The Archdiocese of Chicago is offering 12 weeks of paid parental leave for mothers and fathers following birth or adoption. [Read more…]

There are three things I do not understand…

…four that are too wonderful for me: the way of a snake on a rock, the way of an eagle in the air, the way of a ship on the sea, and the way of the Church in annulment processes. Fortunately, Jimmy Akin understands this stuff, as well as the new changes to the process [Read More…]

A conversation about marriage. Join in!

A reader writes from Canada: I have an idea, and I am half-tempted to send it to our conference of Bishops in the light of the coming Synod on the family. But I don’t know if it makes any sense, so I thought I would “clear” it with you first (and if you decide so, [Read More…]

John Oliver on the Brutal Schizophrenia of Our System Regarding Motherhood

Families are precious, and we will punish you if you believe what we are saying right now. Money first. Mothers and children last. Especially impressive is the demonstration, yet again, that movement conservative economic dogmas, like Marxism, don’t work in reality, but are flawless in theory. [Read more…]