For My Sweetie

I love you and I don’t carrot all who knows it! I will always root for you! [Read more...]

No Fault Divorce in Practice…

…means that when a woman gets ill, her husband can ditch her for a younger model–and it’s not his fault! No Fault Divorce: the Ultimate Oxymoron [Read more...]

This is a Mockery of the Sacred Institution of Gay Marriage!

Man marries pillow. [Read more...]

Interesting Question About the Sacrament of Marriage

A reader writes: I have enthusiastically read your blog for some time now. I greatly enjoy it. Anyway, I hope you can answer a question I’ve been struggling with. As I was pondering the sacrament of confirmation, and how the Eastern Church delivers it to infants, it led me to a particular point about sacraments. [Read More...]

When Marriage Means Anything

…marriage means nothing. [Read more...]

Periodically, some Fundamentalist comes up…

…with some insane biblical scheme for child-rearing that winds up torturing or killing kids due to some insane authoritarian command and control model. The latest of these is something called “To Train Up a Child” which, so far, has killed two children. If somebody is urging it upon you, head straight for the exit as [Read More...]

Over at Catholic Lane…

Mike Brummond writes on how he learned to cope with anxieties and doubt with the infertility he and his wife have experienced, and he found it through abandonment to God. [Read more...]

WaPo Discovers the Horrors of Christian Marriage

WaPo discovers that, in the savage wilderland of Alabama, Christians believe marriage is some sort of sacrament involving a man and a woman, not just something the government created to make two people feel good about themselves. Translators are working round the clock to try to parse this mysterious language and unlock the mysteries of [Read More...]

News for Washingtonians (and a Prayer Request and Praise Report)

A reader writes: Although the report to which I link is full of the usual pro-SSM condescension, Washington state Sen. Sharon Brown’s Senate Bill 5927 looks like EXACTLY the legislative response to the march of SSM through the institutions that I have been hoping for–and right in your home state! Worth rallying the troops for, [Read More...]

Civil Divorce as Protest

A reader writes: I am curious about the idea of protesting the United States’ possible attempt to redefine of marriage by divorcing. Not *really* divorcing, mind you, but simply going through the state procedures necessary to nullify that state’s marriage certificate. This would in no way include separating, or married couples ceasing to be husband [Read More...]