WaPo Discovers the Horrors of Christian Marriage

WaPo discovers that, in the savage wilderland of Alabama, Christians believe marriage is some sort of sacrament involving a man and a woman, not just something the government created to make two people feel good about themselves. Translators are working round the clock to try to parse this mysterious language and unlock the mysteries of [Read More…]

News for Washingtonians (and a Prayer Request and Praise Report)

A reader writes: Although the report to which I link is full of the usual pro-SSM condescension, Washington state Sen. Sharon Brown’s Senate Bill 5927 looks like EXACTLY the legislative response to the march of SSM through the institutions that I have been hoping for–and right in your home state! Worth rallying the troops for, [Read More…]

Civil Divorce as Protest

A reader writes: I am curious about the idea of protesting the United States’ possible attempt to redefine of marriage by divorcing. Not *really* divorcing, mind you, but simply going through the state procedures necessary to nullify that state’s marriage certificate. This would in no way include separating, or married couples ceasing to be husband [Read More…]

Attention! You are Now Entering the Second Phase of History

First Phase: No Fault Divorce and Normalization of Single Motherhood.  What could it hurt? Second Phase: Far-Reaching and Disastrous Consequences!  How were we supposed to know? [Read more…]

I love Leah Libresco…

…even when she’s wrong. Here she is, being wrong about civil unions. Why do I think she’s wrong? Well, when the Pope’s agin it, the bishops are agin it, and the logic of what the word “marriage” means is agin, I’m agin it.  For me, the insuperable question is “What is marriage?” and the answer [Read More…]

Attention Gay “Marriage” Advocates…

…you are now entering the “How were we supposed to know?” phase of history. Gay “marriage” is fundamentally ordered, not toward self-donating love, but toward the narcissistic demand for approval. That’s a bad basis for child-rearing. [Read more…]

New Blog!

Reader Debra Corcoran writes: My husband and I, since we became Catholic, have been involved off and in at a marriage ministry at our church parish. It is something close to both our hearts. Most recently he’s felt inspired to try to write a blog for Catholic husbands to help them make their marriages stronger. [Read More…]

California Struggles to See Through Eyes Clamped Shut

Golly, a state obsessed with the promotion of a contraceptive, fornicating, culture of perpetual adolescence and pretend marriage is inexplicably faced with a shortage of children. If only there was some social institution that we could use to foster the idea that having children is a good and desirable thing.  Some thing that would pair [Read More…]

10 Arguments for Same Sex Marriage…

…and why they are flawed are discussed by Brandon Vogt over at OSV. My favorite reply to Brandon so far is this from “Satan”: Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? I can’t help but notice that Brandon has no answer to that. Typical. [Read More…]

Pope Warns…

Attention Decadent West:  You are now entering a major “What could it hurt?” phase of history.  You will soon be experiencing the “How were we supposed to know?” phase.  Don’t be surprised if you civilization does not survive it.  God is not mocked.  Screw around with the family and you risk civilizational destruction. [Read more…]