Everybody Laughs When Dr. Leo Spaceman Says it About Science….

But they intone it with solemn Leftist piety like a Church hymn when progressives say exactly the same thing about marriage. News flash: Marriage is not “whatever we want it to be”. When you redefine marriage to mean whatever you want it to mean, that is the same thing as saying marriage means nothing. Gay [Read More...]

Zac Alstin…

hath writ something advocating a nuanced and dispassionate approach to the same-sex marriage debate. Sez he: Here in Australia, the parliament recently rejected a same-sex marriage bill by an overwhelming majority of 98 votes to 42. There may be political forces involved, but it was good to have even a temporary semblance of common sense. [Read More...]

Inspired by John C. Wright’s story…

here, the awesomely gifted Alisha DeFreitas over at Far Above Rubies, tells her story of her brush with the Culture of Death and her refusal to play the world’s game. I love that she gives two well-aimed upraised middle fingers: one to the abortion culture of the Left, and one to the Randian Makers vs. [Read More...]

Glorious Day!

So September 6, the Shea Fambly got on a plane bound for Chicago via Phoenix to witness the nuptials of the Beloved Cow and Miss Claire Kelly. It was me, Jan, Luke, Tasha, Lucy The Cuteness, Pete, and Sean. We took off at 11:20, made our connections, got into O’Hare on time, successfully made the high-speed hand-off of [Read More...]

Over at the Register…

I posted this discussion of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary on Friday in honor of Cow and Claire’s wedding (both are members of Maximilian Kolbe’s Militia Immaculata. Today we continue with this discussion of the Wedding at Cana. I will have more on the wedding of Cow and Claire anon. [Read more...]

Gay “marriage”

More equal than real marriage. [Read more...]

A Pure Seattle Moment

Local woman marries warehouse, is widowed. I’m sure glad gay “marriage” isn’t leading to lunatic redefinitions of marriage or anything. [Read more...]

Nicole DeMille….

…writes a beautiful tribute to her husband, who is a blessed man to have her for a wife. Lovely to see a marriage that foster such mutual love and support. [Read more...]

Rev. Susan Russell…

…demonstrates for a warm and willing NPR what I call the semi-permeable membrane of the various Protestantisms (also used often by ignorant or rebellious Catholics too). Quoth she: “Jesus never said a single word about anything even remotely connected to homosexuality,” she says. Ahem: 1.If a thing is condemned by the Church but permitted by [Read More...]

Four Ways the Gay “Marriage” Debate…

…has been rigged. Marc Barnes is inimitable. [Read more...]