The Witness of the Early Church…

…to the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. [Read more...]

The Witness of the Prophets…

to the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. [Read more...]

John’s witness…

to Mary’s Perpetual Virginity. [Read more...]

Joseph’s Witness…

to Mary’s Perpetual Virginity. [Read more...]

Mary’s Witness…

…to her perpetual virginity. [Read more...]

Why Believe in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary?

In which we answer the musical question, “Why believe in the Perpetual Virginity of Mary?” Short anwswer: Because all the evidence is for it and none of the evidence is against it. It turns out that modern Evangelicals are not the first Christians in the history of the world to notice those passages about Jesus’ [Read More...]

Mary Guards the Truth…

…about our Relationship to One Another as we continue our discussion of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary over at the Register. [Read more...]

Clear Thinking about the Protoevangelium of James

Over at the Register, a reader writes concerning the Perpetual Virginity of Mary: The source of the perpetual virginity of Mary is the “Protoevangelium of James,” generally conidered to have been written in the middle of the second century. It also is the source of the names of Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anna, and the [Read More...]

Today, I’m at the dentist!

Here is a piece on a much happier and less expensive subject: Mary and how she guard the truth of our relationship to God. If you like it or the rest of my work, please consider dropping a few shekels in the Tin Cup Rattle by a) clicking the donate button under my ugly mug [Read More...]

Mary, the Virgin Mother

…in which we continue looking at the nuptial and maternal implications of John’s teaching about Mary that we began last Friday. [Read more...]