The Immaculate Conception…

…and the Common Thread Tying Together the Philosophies of Pride is what is under discussion over at the Register this fine morning. [Read more…]

I’ll be on Michael Barber’s “Sacred Page” Show today

The show broadcasts live at 10 AM Pacific. You can go here to get the links to the live broadcast or, if you prefer, to the podcast of the show. We’ll be discussing the Immaculate Conception. [Read more…]

As we discuss the Immaculate Conception…

We look at the 19th Century Philosphies of Pride and the rebellion against God as Father. As we shall see next time, that leaves you, not with No God, but with God as Master. And that will play out disastrously in the 20th century. [Read more…]

We continue looking at…

…some of the Big Brains of the 19th Century as we continue our study of the Immaculate Conception over at the Register. [Read more…]

The Immaculate Conception

So why the Dogma? [Read more…]

The Immaculate Conception

Enter the Subtle Doctor: Duns Scotus The conversation continues over at the Register. Fun fact: Duns Scotus’ name is the origin of the word “dunce” in English.  I’ve often wondered why since he was not a dunce.  Where is Mike Flynn when you need him? [Read more…]

The Immaculate Conception:

and St. Thomas and St. Bernard are all; being discussed over at the Register. [Read more…]

Over at the Register

We are talking about the Immaculate Conception and the Eastern Churches. [Read more…]

The Immaculate Conception…

and Two Red Herrings is under discussion today over at the Register. [Read more…]

The Immaculate Conception: The Witness of the Gospels, Part 2

is now under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]