Mea culpa occasioned by a really thoughtful piece on hope for the redemption of the GOP

…wrapped in a generous and beautiful retrospective on the career of George Wallace. It occasions some thoughts on my own harsh words for the debased ruin that is the GOP.  Yesterday I remarked on the growing habit of turning prayer into hexes that is happening among Super Catholics.  Then, last night, I went to prayer [Read More…]

Fr. Paul Scalia on how fighting for the Church…

…can destroy your charity–a topic remarkably addressed to my condition in this stressful time. [Read more…]

An honest and heartfelt exchange with a friend who feels that I’ve changed

Joe Grabowski writes (echoing similar letters from other friends and acquaintances I’ve gotten): I’m writing as an admirer, as a brother in Christ, as one like-minded to you even in so many of those issues which are left up to the prudential judgement of individual Catholics, and as – I hope – a friend. I [Read More…]

We’re All Bad Catholics, Especially Me

And that is under discussion over at the Register. Speaking of which, one of my readers writes me a loving Christian rebuke that spoke to my conscience, so I thought I’d run it and respond. I hope one day to meet you and hear you speak in person, as I have grown to rely on [Read More…]

Guilty as Charged

More than that, I’m guilty of crucifying Jesus again: All sinners were the authors of Christ’s Passion 598 In her Magisterial teaching of the faith and in the witness of her saints, the Church has never forgotten that “sinners were the authors and the ministers of all the sufferings that the divine Redeemer endured.”389 Taking [Read More…]

So a short while ago I ignorantly popped off

…about an experiment to try to crash the mosquito population in an area with a lot of mosquito-borne diseases. A reader sends along this reply from somebody involved in the project: The work I am doing in the mosquito lab is related to the possibility of releasing mosquitoes into the Florida Keys and other areas. [Read More…]

Apologies Seem an Appropriate Way to Start Lent

So yesterday, as has happened before, I lost my temper with people making excuses for the current bash-fest against a good bishop doing the right thing.  I don’t unsay a word of support for Bishop Olson, nor do I admit in the slightest that the people who are viciously attacking him have a point in [Read More…]

John McAfee…

…knows rather a lot about cyber-security. So when he calls the Obamacare site a hacker’s wet dream, I conclude that I will get my health coverage from some site like Medi-share. Update: An earlier version of this post, now taken down with humble apologies, made a grossly reckless and inappropriate joke for which I sincerely apologize to [Read More…]

I’ve been an angry jerk of late

Erin Manning writes: Mark, I read your piece on the liturgy today, and you know I agree with you on the substance.  For me the lay women thing was cleared up when I learned that in the West the Church divided roles into clergy and lay, so that when formerly clerical roles were opened to [Read More…]

Kevin O’Brien Offers a Retraction and Apology, and Therefore So Do I

I was told by two sources, one of them Kevin, that James O’Keefe had secretly recorded conversations at an American Chesterton Society dinner a couple of years ago. Kevin now reports that this is not true and was the result of some sort of misunderstanding. I have therefore deleted posts which linked to that claim [Read More…]