So a short while ago I ignorantly popped off

…about an experiment to try to crash the mosquito population in an area with a lot of mosquito-borne diseases. A reader sends along this reply from somebody involved in the project: The work I am doing in the mosquito lab is related to the possibility of releasing mosquitoes into the Florida Keys and other areas. [Read More...]

Apologies Seem an Appropriate Way to Start Lent

So yesterday, as has happened before, I lost my temper with people making excuses for the current bash-fest against a good bishop doing the right thing.  I don’t unsay a word of support for Bishop Olson, nor do I admit in the slightest that the people who are viciously attacking him have a point in [Read More...]

John McAfee…

…knows rather a lot about cyber-security. So when he calls the Obamacare site a hacker’s wet dream, I conclude that I will get my health coverage from some site like Medi-share. Update: An earlier version of this post, now taken down with humble apologies, made a grossly reckless and inappropriate joke for which I sincerely apologize to [Read More...]

I’ve been an angry jerk of late

Erin Manning writes: Mark, I read your piece on the liturgy today, and you know I agree with you on the substance.  For me the lay women thing was cleared up when I learned that in the West the Church divided roles into clergy and lay, so that when formerly clerical roles were opened to [Read More...]

Kevin O’Brien Offers a Retraction and Apology, and Therefore So Do I

I was told by two sources, one of them Kevin, that James O’Keefe had secretly recorded conversations at an American Chesterton Society dinner a couple of years ago. Kevin now reports that this is not true and was the result of some sort of misunderstanding. I have therefore deleted posts which linked to that claim [Read More...]

Making Reparations

Part of apologizing for sin is to make reparations.  The trick, of course, is figuring out how to do that.  Reparations are supposed to, in some way, signal and incarnate a willingness to undo damage done by the sin.  Sometimes they can consist of something obvious (“Give back the bike you stole”).  Very often, it [Read More...]

Through my fault, through my fault, through my own most grievous fault

The past week has not been a pleasant one, but it has been a fruitful one.  I won’t bore you with a lot of autobiography, but I will say that the Holy Spirit has been very busy, turning over some rocks in the heart that have nasty things living under them.  And since some of [Read More...]

And While I am Doing Mea Culpas

…here is another thing that affects various members of my audience. I dislike lots of online Traditionalists. Not all Traditionalists.  Most of the ones I know in real life are quite lovely people.  But the overwhelming number I meet on line, not so much (just yesterday I got the most recent  iteration of the umpteenth “You [Read More...]

So Where Did This Weekend’s Mahony Postings Go?

Basically, they went down a Lenten repentance hole because I think they were bad for my soul and the souls of others. I dislike Cdl. Mahony. Deeply. Very deeply. But…. I took a walk yesterday and spent the time struggling, as is my custom, to pay attention to the Rosary.  In the course of my [Read More...]

I… Just… Don’t…. Know if I Can Ever…. Trust…. You… Again

Now and then I will state some opinion about something, or lose my temper, or tell a joke that offends somebody, or in some other way let people down. Then, I get an anguished letter from somebody telling me that because I don’t share their view on some matter of prudential judgment, or became exasperated [Read More...]