Spy Wednesday

…is the day for recalling the betrayal by Judas Iscariot, who went to the chief priest to cut a deal for 30 pieces of silver. Like sin so often does, the 30 pieces was the all-consuming passion for about 15 minutes.  It seemed like the most important thing in the world to Judas. People often [Read More…]

Trying to Learn New Habits of Honoring People

So about a week or so ago, I was praying the Rosary, specifically the Mystery of Christ’s Crowning with Thorns.  That mystery has always moved me because it shows both Christ’s humility and gratuitous human cruelty in such sharp contrasting relief, like extremely sweet and extremely sour sauce.  In the rest of the passion, the [Read More…]

Interesting piece on the Asteroid that Killed the Dinosaurs

and what happened in the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years that followed. One of the things I find fascinating is the extreme leisure God displayed in creation. We are the thin layer of dust atop the miles deep layers of rock that is earth’s history. There is something extravagantly unnecessary about giving dinosaurs 180 [Read More…]

Orthodox Weirdness and the Uniqueness of Different Forms of Goodness and Corruption

Orthodox Radical Ponders Putin’s Divinity One of the things I’ve noticed about religious traditions is that, just as the tend to produce their own unique sort of saints also, when they go bad, give off their own unique smell. Protestant saints don’t look or sound like Catholic saints who don’t look or sound like Orthodox [Read More…]

The Basic Structure of the Post-Constitutional American Order

Mammon has no interest in the claims to human dignity for the useless.  Only God cares about the weak. In related news: Food stamp use among troops skyrockets… Obama Plays Water Guzzling Desert Golf Courses Amid California Drought… Soros bets big on market crash… MAG: America Unravelling at Dizzying Pace… USA Plunges To 46th In [Read More…]

Leah Libresco Reviews Dawkins’ An Appetite for Wonder

It’s a fine review. What strikes me about it is that Libresco, who really does have an appetite for wonder, notices the curious fact of the contrast between Dawkins, who is startlingly un-self-reflective, and Richard Feynman, another atheist science popularizer who really did retain an appetite for wonder: Part of critical thinking is storytelling, imagining [Read More…]

Toward a Theology of Infertility

Thoughtful piece by reader Mike Brummond. [Read more…]

Unto us a Child is Born

A little reflection on what it means to realize that your children are not your own–something that the Blessed Virgin knew from the moment she conceived Jesus. In honor of Luke the Nordic Giant on his birthday. [Read more…]

What I Saw on Our Hidden Island Redoubt

This past Friday the Swiss Family Shea and friends took off for our Hidden Island Redoubt. Evidently we left just in time and avoided some kind of controversy in St. Blog’s. Good. I much prefer how I spent my weekend to the burnt embers of rancor that washed up in my mailbox when I returned. [Read More…]

A Reader Sez Something Profound

“The devil does not care about killing the children as much as he wants to make murderers out of people.” One of the things that has increasingly troubled me, not only about the abortion struggle, but the religious liberty struggle, has been the tendency of Christians to talk as though the first death is the [Read More…]