Question about Medjugorje

A reader writes: Always a total fan until I heard your negative comments about Medjugore. Have you ever been? I have and I am not one to jump on board easily but then I won’t fight grace either and the place radiates it. Anyway here is yet another miracle(see attached article) backed up by medical [Read More...]

Medjugorje and the Ents of Rome

A reader writes: I read your blog from time to time and am generally inclined to your view that Medjugorje is not authentic and of course support the finding of the local bishop that he could not determine that anything supernatural was happening. Some commentators have even suggested there is a demonic element to it. [Read More...]

Jimmy Akin on Medjugorje

He offers his typically level headed analysis over at the Register. Also, Disqus has been twitchy today.  If you’ve had trouble commenting, it’s not you.  It’s our twitchy software.  Keep trying!   [Read more...]

Preliminary attempts to spin Medjugorje Finding are Under Way

Here’s what we actually know: Two local ordinaries have said there is no reason to think that anything supernatural has occurred there. The spiritual director of the frauds got a nun pregnant. None of the frauds has entered religious life, a number of them have gotten stinking rich. Their dog and pony show has been [Read More...]

The Ents of Rome…

may be swinging into action on Medjugorje sometime within the next 1000 years. Bear in mind that this is the bureaucracy that took until 2009 to come to a (tentative) judgment about the John Lennon’s art and smart mouth. So there could be years of hooming and homming about Medjugorje yet. I rather like that. [Read More...]

Time Wasted on the Medjugorje Fraud…

…is time taken from something God wants you to actually spend time on.  A reader who realized this writes: I just read your blog about Spirit Daily/Medjugorje.  I agree w/you re:  Medj. even though my reversion back to Holy Mother Church came about due to Perpetual Adoration and reading a book on Medj. in the chapel. [Read More...]

Spirit Daily Has Always Struck Me as Written by and For Basically Good People…

…who have a, for the most part, honest and simple faith in the signs ‘n wonders aspect of the faith. I have a healthy regard for people who take such things seriously and I think such folk piety has always had and will always have a place in the Church. At the same time, like [Read More...]

Are Pilgrimages to Medjugorje Reeeeeeeally Forbidden?

Yes. Really: When the second commission was formed, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić and the Bishop of Mostar, in the name of the CBY, declared publicly on 9 January 1987: “For this reason it is forbidden to organise pilgrimages or other manifestations motivated by the supernatural character attributed to the events in Medjugorje“. Ah! But this only [Read More...]

The CDF Remind us that Pilgrimages to Medjugorje are Forbidden

…and that, for the same reason, when one of the fake “visionaries” shows up on our soil to stage a fake “apparition”, you should avoid that too. There are plenty of approved private revelations. Stick with those. Things are not going to end well for the Medjugorje fraud. So instead of yet another massive exercise [Read More...]

Is Francis a Medjugorje Skeptic?

Hard to tell, but interesting if true. Fr. Z comments. [Read more...]