Dead Men Bleeding and Medjugorje

There’s the old story of the guy in the lunatic asylum who insisted he was dead. A doctor was convinced he could reason the guy out of his delusion, so he asked him, “Do dead men bleed?” The man replied that they did not. So, quick as thought, he prick the man’s finger with a [Read More…]

Simcha Fisher’s right, as usual

Medjugorje is a fraud. Bishop and exorcist Mons Andrea Gemma on Medjugorje says: It is an absolutely diabolical event, around which numerous underworld interests revolve … I’m referring to ‘the Devil’s dung’, to money, what else? At Medjugorje everything happens for the sake of money: pilgrimages, overnight stays, the sales of trinkets. In this way, [Read More…]

The Bishop of Mostar-Duvno could not be clearer

Quoth he: “The Virgin Mary has not appeared in Medjugorje,” said Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar-Duvno, the diocese in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which includes Medjugorje. There is no apparition of Mary at Medjugorje. Account for it how you will (I think “fraud” is the obvious explanation), the only important takeaway is that the machine must be unplugged, [Read More…]

Interesting Conversation between Patrick Madrid and Patrick Coffin

about the fraud that is Medjugorje.  A typically sober and balanced conversation by two fine Catholics. [Read more…]

Bishop and Exorcist Andrea Gemma on Medjugorje

“Absolutely diabolical”. I agree. [Read more…]

A Plea to Rome: Unplug the Medjugorje Fraud Machine

Te Deum Laudamus on the latest in visible-from-space fraudulence of the grifting hucksters known as the Medjugorje “visionaries”. Dear Rome:  This thing stinks like a week old fish.  Shut it down, I implore you, before more people are hurt by this stunningly, blindingly, obvious fraud. [Read more…]

Ivan Dragicevic, Medjugorje “visionary”, thumbs his nose at the CDF

Goes ahead and holds fake apparition show while claiming to be obedient to the Church. Medjugorje Today and related propagandists instantly gin up the propaganda machine for why it was okay to “counter” Rome. The centrifugal forces of private judgment and alleged obedience to the Church are going to tear Medjugorje apart. It’s a fraud. [Read More…]

It would appear Rome is Leaning Toward Shutting Down the Medjugorje Traveling Road Show

That doesn’t mean they are going to outright condemn it, necessarily.  A dramatic bullet to the brain of the Medjugorje fraud might have the same effect as trying to rid the yard of dandelions by blowing the seeds with a leaf blower.  I suspect Rome will attempt to quietly smother it.  We’ll see. [Read more…]

Question about Medjugorje

A reader writes: Always a total fan until I heard your negative comments about Medjugore. Have you ever been? I have and I am not one to jump on board easily but then I won’t fight grace either and the place radiates it. Anyway here is yet another miracle(see attached article) backed up by medical [Read More…]

Medjugorje and the Ents of Rome

A reader writes: I read your blog from time to time and am generally inclined to your view that Medjugorje is not authentic and of course support the finding of the local bishop that he could not determine that anything supernatural was happening. Some commentators have even suggested there is a demonic element to it. [Read More…]