Are Pilgrimages to Medjugorje Reeeeeeeally Forbidden?

Yes. Really: When the second commission was formed, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić and the Bishop of Mostar, in the name of the CBY, declared publicly on 9 January 1987: “For this reason it is forbidden to organise pilgrimages or other manifestations motivated by the supernatural character attributed to the events in Medjugorje“. Ah! But this only [Read More...]

The CDF Remind us that Pilgrimages to Medjugorje are Forbidden

…and that, for the same reason, when one of the fake “visionaries” shows up on our soil to stage a fake “apparition”, you should avoid that too. There are plenty of approved private revelations. Stick with those. Things are not going to end well for the Medjugorje fraud. So instead of yet another massive exercise [Read More...]

Is Francis a Medjugorje Skeptic?

Hard to tell, but interesting if true. Fr. Z comments. [Read more...]

Medjugorje is a fraud (doo dah! doo dah!).

No. Seriously. Go here for somebody who has done their homework. And stick with what the local bishop says: Bishop Peric: From his homily in 2006 at the Church in Medjugorje: “Therefore I responsibly call upon those who claim themselves to be “seers”, as well as those persons behind the “messages”, to demonstrate ecclesiastical obedience [Read More...]

Fake Confirmations

More of that great “fruit” of the fraud at Medjugorje. Stay as far away as you can from that dog and pony show.  It’s a lie. [Read more...]

Medjugorje is a Fraud

One of the marks of the fraud is that so many of its apologists say that skeptics (that is, people who listen to the bishops who have spoken to the question) have to shut up till Rome speaks, while they themselves are free to go on promoting it.  The sensible thing, of course, is for [Read More...]

Don’t Get Snookered by Phony Apparitions

Whether in Ohio, or in Medjugorje. The report from the Vatican’s Commission is, according to some, due to be handed to the Pope at the end of the month, but (according to others) not. No word when we will hear what’s in it. However, I am morally certain it’s simply going to ratify the warnings [Read More...]

Fr. Mitch Pacwa…

tries to break it to Medjugorje fans gently. [Read more...]

Another Reason to Listen to the Bishops Responsible for Medjugorje…

…and not the fraudulent “visionaries”:  The Poem of the Man God, which “Mary” allegedly recommends, but the Church put on the Index of Forbidden Books in 1960. But the Index is abolished!  Yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s evaluation was wrong, merely that the Church is past the point of trying to micromanage what crap [Read More...]

Ultrasounds and Medjugorje

When we were expecting our first son I discovered something I’d never thought of before. When they do the ultrasound, if the US tech says, after checking out baby, “Would you like to know the sex of your child?” that means “It’s a boy.” How do you know? Because it means the techie definitely saw [Read More...]