There is now a new term for the horrors Syrian children are experiencing

“The oft-orphaned survivors of a horrible ongoing humanitarian crisis are, likely, experiencing post-traumatic stress, but these children of war have experienced more trauma — physical and emotional — than the medical professionals who care for them have ever seen: the shredded remains of their mom or dad, blown apart by a regime barrel bomb, a [Read More…]

Perhaps if Romney hired a skywriter…

and had him write, “I don’t care about you, prolifers.  Thanks for the votes, suckers!” things would be clearer: Tampa, Fla. • Mitt Romney’s sister promised that a ban on abortion was “never going to happen” under her brother’s presidency, a reassurance to women that is at odds with the nominee’s stated position on the [Read More…]

Mission Creep, Part Deux

When Mitt Romney says, “I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother” that means, “I favor the Supreme Court’s verdict in Roe v. Wade.” I remember a time when prolife Americans embarked on the prolife movement because they opposed Roe v. [Read More…]

Relax. Romney is Going to Win

Analysis method right in every election since 1980 says Romney will win… OBAMA 2012: A JOYLESS SLOG… To all those panicked by the fact that a vanishingly insignificant Catholic blogger is pointing out that Romney is signaling loud and clear that he means to take your vote and then leave you high and dry when it [Read More…]