False Courage and True Courage

…are under discussion over at the Register, attracting various crazy people to the comboxes. Hopefully, saner heads will show up and prevail. [Read more…]

Real Men

Another popular lie of the Torture Defender is enunciated by a manly laptop bombardier in my comboxes: War is dirty business. I guess there are people out there willing to do the dirty work so the rest of us can go about pursuing the American Dream. OK, libbys, bring on the tough love! In contrast, [Read More…]

“Safe, Legal, and Rare”

That’s the slogan when pro-aborts are selling abortion to nice people who haven’t thought about it much. But the reality is that a significant percentage of pro-aborts do not wring their hands and reluctantly embrace it: they cheer for it and proudly wave it as a banner. And as with all humans who resolutely set [Read More…]