Abortion supporters hit rock bottom…

keep digging: Behold the tasteful and klassy DC Abortion Fund Coat Hanger Award for Zeal in Child Slaughter. Abortion: Corrupting Everything it Touches with its Bloody Fingers [Read more...]

Australia: Making Child Murder Pay

A reader sends this along: SA Health has advised women having late-term abortions they can claim thousands of dollars in Centrelink payments for a “stillborn” baby. Parents whose babies survive an abortion procedure, but die at birth, may also be able to claim benefits for parenting and bereavement. Centrelink requires a doctor’s letter certifying that [Read More...]

Ross Douthat vs. MSNBC

In one corner, Ross Douthat looks at the Texas abortion law like, you know, an adult. In the other corner, some chick on MSNBC dons tampon earrings to show the clear case for child murder. Alrighty then.  She has us all wriggling in the crushing grip of logic.  I now support abortion.  Who wouldn’t? [Read more...]


You stay KKKlassy! A strong finish after “Hail Satan!” Thanks for sellin’ your case for the the Normals! Who doesn’t feel the intellectual heft of an argument made with slogans, poop and pee bombs? [Read more...]

Headline of the Week

Church of Satan Distances Itself from Pro-Abortion Activists Chanting “Hail Satan!” [Read more...]

Where We Stand as a Nation on the Eve of the Fourth of July

You know, pro-aborts, you can reach a point where, in your effort to be all postmodern and ironic you circle back to simply speaking the truth about yourselves.  I would submit that you have just achieved that goal as you chant “Hail Satan” in your struggle to make sure that child slaughter remains unsafe, legal [Read More...]

Belgium Considers Letting Children Choose Suicide

What is it with the Low Countries? Reminds me of a piece they ran in First Things years ago on Abandoning Children to Their Rights. [Read more...]

Obama Stands Tall…

for torture and dismemberment of infants, vows to veto bill that would forbid abortion for unborn babies capable of feeling pain. Banish from your mind forever the notion that this man is a Lightbringer.  In addition to going above and beyond for the death of children, he has arrogated to himself the power to murder [Read More...]

Good Job, House of Representatives!

Striking a blow for civilization: Below are statements from The Catholic Association on The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that the House just passed: “The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed Tuesday in the House will save lives. We are deeply grateful to the supporters of this bill. The brutality of the Gosnell case demonstrated [Read More...]

Information Technology is Not the Friend of the Pro-Abort Liar

Oh sure, the pro-abort liar can use mass media to disseminate all the “it’s just a lunp of tissue” bushwah to people who still get all their info from Big Brother. But when people can whip out their Smartphone and do an ultrasound anywhere, anytime it gets harder to control the message. [Read more...]