If you are serious about reducing abortion…

…you will support not only ending supply, but doing whatever is helpful to lower demand, even if it costs (gasp!) money.  One obvious thing to do is not punish women financially for getting pregnant and pressuring them to abort. [Read more…]

Our President murders children

Glenn Greenwald points out the rank hypocrisy of a culture that feels horror at the slaughter of Sandy Hook while supporting the slaughter of children by drones abroad. This also is a prolife issue. [Read more…]

Shocked Out of Apathy by the Planned Parenthood videos…

…a self-described non-religious college student mounts a one-woman protest calling to defund Planned Parenthood. [Read more…]

Bishop Vasa on Planned Parenthood

I love this guy! Bishop Vasa: Planned Parenthood Videos Heinous SANTA ROSA— Bishop Robert F. Vasa made the following statement after seeing the most recently released video which strongly suggests how Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of fetal body parts. In the footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress, a phlebotomist says, “For [Read More…]

Planned Parenthood Apologist: Selling Baby Parts Just Like Donating Blood

No.  Really. I don’t remember them crushing my skull and abdomen last time I was at Puget Sound Blood Center but you can be damn sure I will check over the fine print on the procedures before I donate again. [Read more…]

Abortion supporters hit rock bottom…

keep digging: Behold the tasteful and klassy DC Abortion Fund Coat Hanger Award for Zeal in Child Slaughter. Abortion: Corrupting Everything it Touches with its Bloody Fingers [Read more…]

Australia: Making Child Murder Pay

A reader sends this along: SA Health has advised women having late-term abortions they can claim thousands of dollars in Centrelink payments for a “stillborn” baby. Parents whose babies survive an abortion procedure, but die at birth, may also be able to claim benefits for parenting and bereavement. Centrelink requires a doctor’s letter certifying that [Read More…]

Ross Douthat vs. MSNBC

In one corner, Ross Douthat looks at the Texas abortion law like, you know, an adult. In the other corner, some chick on MSNBC dons tampon earrings to show the clear case for child murder. Alrighty then.  She has us all wriggling in the crushing grip of logic.  I now support abortion.  Who wouldn’t? [Read more…]


You stay KKKlassy! A strong finish after “Hail Satan!” Thanks for sellin’ your case for the the Normals! Who doesn’t feel the intellectual heft of an argument made with slogans, poop and pee bombs? [Read more…]

Headline of the Week

Church of Satan Distances Itself from Pro-Abortion Activists Chanting “Hail Satan!” [Read more…]