You may remember that Advocates of Choice claim to advocate Choice

Yet there is a strange quiescence from the Apostles of Choice when the Chinese or Texas parents try to force women to have abortions. It’s almost as though people who claim to support choice in abortion (and most especially those who make money off it) are filthy lying murderers or something. [Read more…]

Hostility to Children…

…is a sure and certain mark of the presence of evil and the influence of hell. People who seek a child-free America are doing the work of Satan. I regard the child free movement as an archetype of evil. And most of them don’t even have the excuse of being do-gooders who think they are [Read More…]

Yes, that is a puzzlement, ain’t it?

Yesterday, there was a troll here explaining the normal sexual wisdom of the America 2013. Chastity is totalitarian. Totalitarian regimes hate sex and the proof of that is Nazis encouraging childbirth, and so childbirth is Nazism and something something Stalin and North Korea. Everybody must stay out of my bedroom and everybody must pay for [Read More…]

Fr. Denis Lemieux…

…takes a look at Roe from across the border. [Read more…]

Good! May This Scourge Be Removed from our World

Pregnancy Centers Gain Influence in Anti-Abortion Arena [Read more…]

NARAL is veddy, *veddy* put out!

Bad America! No cookie for you! You only get a D for your zeal for child murder. Next year, let’s shoot for an F. [Read more…]

Coming Soon to Police State Near You

Australian father of seven to spend 8 months in jail for protecting unborn [Read more…]

Frank Schaeffer’s Rage and Spite…

…at Daddy, Conservatives, Evangelicals and Catholics finally finds fruition in this incoherent “Go to hell” to the entire prolife movement.  He is, of course, right that the GOP has largely exploited prolifers and has never been serious about abortion.  But the BS arguments he and his guest contibutor pull out of the worst sort of sola [Read More…]

Murder Inc. to GOP

“Step into my parlor” said the spider to the fly. [Read more…]

Yesterday’s Moment

…of Planned Parenthood class. [Read more…]