Fr. Denis Lemieux…

…takes a look at Roe from across the border. [Read more...]

Good! May This Scourge Be Removed from our World

Pregnancy Centers Gain Influence in Anti-Abortion Arena [Read more...]

I oppose maniacs killing children

Even when it’s legal. 40 years is too damn long for this slaughter to have gone on.  End Abortion. [Read more...]

NARAL is veddy, *veddy* put out!

Bad America! No cookie for you! You only get a D for your zeal for child murder. Next year, let’s shoot for an F. [Read more...]

Coming Soon to Police State Near You

Australian father of seven to spend 8 months in jail for protecting unborn [Read more...]

Frank Schaeffer’s Rage and Spite…

…at Daddy, Conservatives, Evangelicals and Catholics finally finds fruition in this incoherent “Go to hell” to the entire prolife movement.  He is, of course, right that the GOP has largely exploited prolifers and has never been serious about abortion.  But the BS arguments he and his guest contibutor pull out of the worst sort of sola [Read More...]

Murder Inc. to GOP

“Step into my parlor” said the spider to the fly. [Read more...]

Yesterday’s Moment

…of Planned Parenthood class. [Read more...]

Delusional Megalomaniac Hears Voices

…and holds high office. Sorry, Nan. The real voices of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Alice Paul and a host of other foremothers of feminism are not affirming you in your okayness or praising you for your great glory. You are a fanatical proponent of what they called “child murder”. Repent. Your vainglory is [Read More...]

Dear Murder, Inc.

When you murder the wrong person there are still laws against that. May you be utterly destroyed and may salt be sown on the ground where your clinic once stood and holy water be sprinkled on that place to clean and purify and make fruitful what you and the demons who animate you have defiled. [Read More...]