Simcha Fisher interviews Sam Rocha on his “Late to Love” Album

Two of my favorite people together.  It’s like peanut butter and chocolate! Plus: music! [Read more...]

Artificial Music

Time was when music emerged out of the soul of a people and was created, like wine, ethnic foods, or cheeses by ordinary people and became popular because everybody liked it. It was more like the fruit on a growing vine than like a product (though, of course, musicians needed to be paid like the [Read More...]

Franciscan September Song

Sister Julie Ann writes: Thought you might like to share a simply good song with others who may be experiencing the lyrics of the song… Franciscan Sisters offer their September Song of the Month, “In the Middle of Heaven and Here”, a free song download for the new semester at their Franciscanized World page: [Read More...]

Sonnet 18 set to lovely music

I wonder why somebody hasn’t attempted to set all the sonnets to music? Seems like a natural. [Read more...]

I love Walk Off the Earth

[Read more...]

Catholic Music is Busting Out all Over

First, of course, is my fellow Patheosi’s bluesy new CD Late to Love, based on the work of St. Augustine. If there was ever a Catholic theological rationale for the blues needed, Augustine, the guy who gave you original sin, is the man to provide it. (Okay, actually it was Adam who gave you original [Read More...]

Reader Edward Patrick Mooney writes

I thought you might be interested in what we are trying to bring to contemporary Catholic music: Here is a free listen to our newest release from Streets Of Rome Edward Patrick Mooney Streets Of Rome – Contemporary Catholic singer-songrwiter band Sonoma County, California Check it out! [Read more...]

Having posted an Arrogant Worms vid yesterday

I might as well post another today since they are so fun! This goes out to Peter Shea. [Read more...]

God made man clever so he could do stuff like this

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A Priest’s Indie Music Project

Reader Ancilla Domini writes: I hope this note finds you well & happy. I wanted to share the following with you. Fr. McGoldrick is a friend and seminary classmate of my dear Fr. Zelonis. I’m sending it along hoping to garner him some traffic and some support for his project. Visit if you like! Check [Read More...]

Hey Music Lovers!

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity write: For those who want to enjoy and deep and discerning poetic experience, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are featuring Kelly Mulhollan’s adaptation of Wallace Stevens’ poem “Never Ending Conversations” in a unique and moving musical setting. A free download through June at the Franciscanized world: Check [Read More...]

Gregorian Chant Camp for Kids

No. Really: This seems like the sort of thing NPR would do a story on. [Read more...]