From the Golden Hours of My Misspent Youth I Give You a Fond Memory

Behold! The “Rutabaga Boogie”! [Read more...]

Extremely Tasty Musical Fun!

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One of the most achingly beautiful songs ever written

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What Kind of Parent…

…would possibly imagine that a totally bought-and-paid-for corporate creation of the Disney Machine (who is now undergoing the absolutely standard transformation into yet another corporate-creation pop tart so as to funnel her fans on to the Mammon and Venus conveyor belt to absolutely standard American consumerism of musical crap) is “empowering“?¬†Miley Cyrus’ fans are as [Read More...]

Sam Rocha has a Kickstarter page

……to fund an album of soul, jazz, and folk music inspired by Augustine’s Confessions. [Read more...]

Any parody of The Fox that mentions Dominicans is okay in my book

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The Benedictines of Mary Continue to Rock our World!

The Sisters have made quite a name for themselves which is very funny considering they do not do the typical relentless touring and promo that our culture has come to expect from most chart topping acts- yet they have managed to be Billboard’s #1 Classical Traditional Artist of 2012 & 2013. Their new album Lent [Read More...]

It was fifty years ago today…

David Alexander remembers the Beatles. [Read more...]

Reader Burke Ingraffia writes…

I listen to you quite a bit on EWTN radio. I am a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans where I teach Internet technologies and music technology in the Department of Music Industry Studies. I also have a B.A. in theology from Steubenville. I have a video for a new song that I think [Read More...]

Thomas Aquinas College Student Flash Mob!

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Mark O’Connor and Public Education

Mark O’Connor, one of the greatest fiddlers on planet Earth, is from my home town and went to the local high school here.¬† He… does not have kind words for his experience: I am Mark O’Connor, violinist, composer, fiddler and Mountlake Terrace High School graduate of 1979. I will attempt to recount some of what [Read More...]

Coming from an Air Force Family…

my heart swells at the fact that when the United States Air Force decides to do a flash mob, they don’t screw around: [Read more...]