A Priest’s Indie Music Project

Reader Ancilla Domini writes: I hope this note finds you well & happy. I wanted to share the following with you. Fr. McGoldrick is a friend and seminary classmate of my dear Fr. Zelonis. I’m sending it along hoping to garner him some traffic and some support for his project. Visit if you like! Check [Read More...]

Hey Music Lovers!

The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity write: For those who want to enjoy and deep and discerning poetic experience, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are featuring Kelly Mulhollan’s adaptation of Wallace Stevens’ poem “Never Ending Conversations” in a unique and moving musical setting. A free download through June at the Franciscanized world: http://fscc-calledtobe.org/ Check [Read More...]

Gregorian Chant Camp for Kids

No. Really: This seems like the sort of thing NPR would do a story on. [Read more...]

Jeffrey Mark Ostrowski writes

Deo Gratias! Here’s a new, exciting resource: This will be very helpful for the English Resources that have become available: Simple English Propers, Lalemant Propers, Graduale Parvum (Birmingham Oratory), and so forth, because all those resources use the Reformed (1974) Graduale Romanum. More info [Read more...]

Something for us All to Think About

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Glorious and Awesome!

I’ve wasted my life. [Read more...]

From the Golden Hours of My Misspent Youth I Give You a Fond Memory

Behold! The “Rutabaga Boogie”! [Read more...]

Extremely Tasty Musical Fun!

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One of the most achingly beautiful songs ever written

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What Kind of Parent…

…would possibly imagine that a totally bought-and-paid-for corporate creation of the Disney Machine (who is now undergoing the absolutely standard transformation into yet another corporate-creation pop tart so as to funnel her fans on to the Mammon and Venus conveyor belt to absolutely standard American consumerism of musical crap) is “empowering“? Miley Cyrus’ fans are as [Read More...]