Amazing Led Zeppelin medley on xylophones

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Japanese John Denver Fans, Because Why Not?

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Walk Off the Earth Makes Everything More Fun

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More May Music from the Franciscan Sisters of Charity

They write: This is a voice from the past with a message worth contemplating. Franciscan Sisters feature Bob Dylan’s I’ll Keep It With Mine as a May discernment song on Franciscanized World. The lyrics console the searcher—“how long can you search for what’s not lost?” There aren’t many places where you can get your May [Read More…]

Here they come, walkin’ down the street…

They get the funniest looks from Everyone they meet! Hey! Hey! They’re the Monks! People say they’re monking around! But they’re too busy singing to put anybody down! They’re just tryin’ to be friendly! Come and watch them sing and pray! They’re the next generation! And they’ve got something to say! [Read more…]

Asking for serenity and nothing more?

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity offer a free download of Arthur Lee Land’s Serenity*# this Easter Season. Click here. *Note:  Not the spaceship. #Music guaranteed not to trigger ninja assassin skills in brainwashed telepaths. [Read more…]

Marian Chant for the Month of May

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“Billy Jean” on beer bottles

All of civilization has been leading up to this moment: [Read more…]


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I’ve Wasted my Life

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