Sufjan Stevens Demonstrates that Music by Christians

…can be good art and not what is normally called “Christian music”. [Read more…]

Divine Mercy Chaplet CD

**FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE** NEW MUSIC CD DIVINE MERCY CHAPLET (Hollywood, CA) March 27, 2015 – Just in time for Divine Mercy Sunday (April 12, 2015) and upcoming The Holy Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 – November 20, 2016), Springtime Productions presents a beautiful new musical version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet available online for [Read More…]

Beautiful Music from Some Wonderful Nuns

If you want to know more, go to DeMontfort Music [Read more…]

Ooberfuse does fine work

IRAQI ARCHBISHOP & LONDON BAND AMPLIFY CRIES OF MIDDLE-EAST PERSECUTED  London, United Kingdom / Monday 23rd February / THE OOBERFUSE SHOW / Archbishop Warda of Iraq (Erbil), in his recent visit to London, connected with local band ooberfuse to help highlight, through music, the plight of persecuted minorities in Iraq.  In their musical collaboration, “We are One”, Archbishop [Read More…]

Happy Feast of St. Thomas!

You’re welcome! [Read more…]

Ladies and Gents, the Inimitable Oscar Peterson

One of my faves, playing the “Gravy Waltz”, which is also one of my faves: [Read more…]

Pentatonix Does Christmas Music Right

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Sara Stevens

A reader writes: I came across your blog and wanted to get someone on your radar, who I think would be the perfect addition to your blog in light of this wonderful Christmas season. I work with a young pop opera vocalist named [Read more…]

Jody Bottum writes….

Now that Advent is here, I thought I’d write you and some other of our Catholic blogging friends to see if there were any chance you might link to the promotional videos for my two new Christmas songs? I’ve been exploring lyrics as a species of poetry for a couple years now (including in my [Read More…]

Audrey Assad is just so good

If you haven’t picked up a copy of “Heart” or any of her other fine works, you really should. Lovely Christmas presents! And you are helping an actual quality Catholic artist make actual quality Catholic art. [Read more…]