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Well done, Sinead O’Connor

I’ve never paid much attention to Sinead O’Connor.  I’m one of those people who sort of stopped paying attention to pop music somewhere around 1983.  No time.  I was dimly aware that she ripped up a picture of JPII and also dimly aware that she apologized for that and, if memory serves, went for some [Read More...]

Attention Jonathan Coulton Lovers!

Somebody is trying to turn the music of Jonathan Coulton into a musical and has started a Kickstarter page to get it off the ground.  A worthy effort. [Read more...]

Hey Portlandia, OR! Go Hear Chris Thile tonight!

He was here in Seattle yesterday and gave a *fantastic* show.  It was just him and his mandolin, plus a generous helping of J.S. Bach and an eclectic mix of his own compositions, Civil War tunes and other wonderful music.  You just felt the joy as he played.  A delightful experience.  And can that boy [Read More...]

Brad Birzer writes…

Mark, much to my delight, one of my favorite musicians–Roine Stolt (Swede) of the Flower Kings, Transatlantic, and Agent of Mercy–just reposted your paragraph on distributism twice. Very, very cool! Long live Catholic Prog Rock! I hate to say it, but I’ve never heard of these bands. I’m happy, however, to find that Chesterton is [Read More...]

I like Chris Thile and the Punch Brothers

HT: Pittsford Perennialist [Read more...]

I love Audrey Assad

Here’s a little feature on her over at the Register. [Read more...]

Seems Pretty Cool

A reader writes: The blogosphere (at these within Catholic circles) has had a great deal of chatter in the past 12 months about a return to the beautiful.  The premise is pretty consistent – the world has refused Truth and is closed to Goodness – our best option to evangelize the culture is through Beauty, [Read More...]

Jenn Jinks is Making Music and Needs Your Help!

Here’s the scoop: Do you love to sing contemporary worship music, but long for your prayer to be deeper and reflect your Catholic faith even more?  Then get to know new Catholic contemporary recording artist, Jenn Jinks.  With a degree in vocal performance from NYU’s prestigious arts program, worship leading that ranges from Mass on Sunday to [Read More...]

Goody! Audrey Assad Has a New Album Coming Out!

Audrey Assad’s kickstarted indie record, titled Fortunate Fall, is slated to release Aug 13, 2013. After two records and several years of making CCM music, Audrey Assad is throwing in the towel. She is, as Jon Acuff would say, a Quitter. Leaving Christian pop music behind, Audrey is now passionately pouring into a long- lost [Read More...]