Sam Rocha has a Kickstarter page

……to fund an album of soul, jazz, and folk music inspired by Augustine’s Confessions. [Read more...]

Any parody of The Fox that mentions Dominicans is okay in my book

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The Benedictines of Mary Continue to Rock our World!

The Sisters have made quite a name for themselves which is very funny considering they do not do the typical relentless touring and promo that our culture has come to expect from most chart topping acts- yet they have managed to be Billboard’s #1 Classical Traditional Artist of 2012 & 2013. Their new album Lent [Read More...]

It was fifty years ago today…

David Alexander remembers the Beatles. [Read more...]

Reader Burke Ingraffia writes…

I listen to you quite a bit on EWTN radio. I am a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans where I teach Internet technologies and music technology in the Department of Music Industry Studies. I also have a B.A. in theology from Steubenville. I have a video for a new song that I think [Read More...]

Thomas Aquinas College Student Flash Mob!

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Mark O’Connor and Public Education

Mark O’Connor, one of the greatest fiddlers on planet Earth, is from my home town and went to the local high school here.  He… does not have kind words for his experience: I am Mark O’Connor, violinist, composer, fiddler and Mountlake Terrace High School graduate of 1979. I will attempt to recount some of what [Read More...]

Coming from an Air Force Family…

my heart swells at the fact that when the United States Air Force decides to do a flash mob, they don’t screw around: [Read more...]

Groove for Thought is Fantastic

Stephanie Collins, the woman singing at the opening, is friends with our oldest son, Luke. Happy birthday, Nordic Giant! [Read more...]

I think the world of Audrey Assad

This interview is one more reason why. This song is another: You should go to her site and buy up all her music, which is all great. Also, get it for Christmas for somebody you love! [Read more...]