The Franciscans offer us a little musical something…

for the Feast of Christ the King. [Read more…]

Ooberfuse does the soundtrack to Pope Francis’ 2015 Haiyan Mercy Mission

On 17th January 2015, to the soundtrack of Filipino-London band ooberfuse, Pope Francis will bring his message of “Mercy and Compassion” to the survivors of the deadliest typhoon to hit the Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan. Cherrie Anderson, originating from the town at the eye of the storm, Tacloban, penned Mercy as a musical message of hope [Read More…]

A reader is concerned that Patti Smith will do a concert at the Vatican

She writes: Now I know this is written from a charmingly anti-Catholic perspective–and that indeed the whole intent of this piece is to smear Catholicism–but I have to point this out as a tiny smidge of why certain Catholics are reacting to the Pope the way they are. There’s just no reason to have Patti [Read More…]

The Glory and Peril of Music

…is under discussion over at the Register. [Read more…]

New album!

The New Camaldoli Hermitage, a community of Roman Catholic monks in Big Sur, CA officially released their new album, O DAY OF RESURRECTION, (today) Nov. 4 from Jade Music via Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), the specialty arm of Warner Music Group. Read today’s press release here. [Read more…]

OK Go is an astonishing gift to the human race

Astounding, and all done in one take: [Read more…]

A Musical Work of Mercy

A reader writes: Might you be able to post on our latest project out of the Diocese of Boston? It’s coming out this week and makes a great Christmas present- and supports a great school! It is very sweet. Here is the video: To purchase and for more information, go here. [Read more…]

Wanna Fund Some Catholic Music?

A reader writes: I know you’re great at getting the word out. This seems well worth it to me. No personal connection just a love for Catholic musicians. The gettingoutness of the word has now occurred. [Read more…]

Simcha Fisher interviews Sam Rocha on his “Late to Love” Album

Two of my favorite people together.  It’s like peanut butter and chocolate! Plus: music! [Read more…]

Artificial Music

Time was when music emerged out of the soul of a people and was created, like wine, ethnic foods, or cheeses by ordinary people and became popular because everybody liked it. It was more like the fruit on a growing vine than like a product (though, of course, musicians needed to be paid like the [Read More…]