The Catholic Faith has a Great Empathy for Pagans, But Not Paganism

As Chesterton once remarked, “Paganism was the biggest thing in the world.  Christianity was bigger.  And everything since then has been comparatively small.” Christianity affirms everything that is true and good in paganism (and was, indeed, largely responsible for preserving the best of pagan antiquity from vermin, Vandals, and Vikings–the latter of whom were some [Read More…]

Compare and Contrast

Democracy: The Form of Government that Gives Us What We Want: Barabbas. Christ: The King Who Saves Us from What We Deserve [Read more…]

Jody Bottum Thinks I’ve Accused Him of Not Being Prolife

…in my remarks here, which is sort of like thinking I’ve accused him of being part of the Double Malt Scotch Manufacturers Lobby. No.  I’ve merely accused him of embedding nonsense like this in the interminable 6000 word styrofoam packing material of a windy, ill-composed bid to make himself what the NY Times considers a Man [Read More…]