An Australian friend writes…

“When people can utter the sentence “Mark Shea is a leftist” with a straight face, the whole world shudders in horror at what America has become.” Yeah, that’s kind of it. [Read more…]

Crisis Has a Remarkably Silly Piece Up

denouncing Yr. Obdt. Svt. as an “Inquisitor” because I express the opinion that Libertarianism is a species of heresy. What I mean, of course, is that libertarian thought does what heresy always does: it pick out bits of Catholic teaching it likes and uses them as weapons against all the bits it doesn’t. Specifically, libertarianism [Read More…]

What is the *Matter* with Me Anyway?

A reader complains (not for the first time) that when the Right sins, I blast the Right, but when the Left sins, I say “A pox on both their houses.”  Why do I do that?  I’m sort of surprised by the question, since I should think it would be obvious: it’s because I primarily regard [Read More…]

It’s like spiders in jar

The problem is, I’m the jar: In this cornah I am diagnosed as a Taliban Christianist for my failure to get on board with unquestioning enthusiasm for homosex: OK I give up. What’s ‘unnatural’ about gay sex? We straights have many of the same practices gays do. There’s nothing ‘unnatural’ about it, except your preoccupation [Read More…]