More Proofs of Atheism!

Having pored over the exhaustive evidence for atheism compiled here, I’ve come up with a few others in my encounters with the massively superior intellects of internet atheists, which I duly sent on to An atheist argues that theists believe something ridiculous, as that the Eucharist is made of meat. The Theist explains that [Read More…]

Memo to Brights

Wheaton’s Law does not state, “When you hit bottom, keep digging.”  So when you’ve been a rude jerk demanding to impose on a stranger’s time, it’s best not to follow up your jerkness with… Mr. Shea, in your hastiness it seems you proceeded to debate my assistant. Did the person you spoke with ever introduce [Read More…]

How Not to Impose on a Complete Stranger’s Time

Method 1: Demonstrate those Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak social skilz (chicks dig guys with skilz) that do so much to enamor internet atheists to Normals. From: Socratic Forum Sent: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 2:19 PM To: Mark Shea Subject: Debate Proposal– challenge! Jersey Flight from the Socratic Forum for Thought would like to [Read More…]