Chris Lansdown is thinking…

…about beetles and God. An Anglican priest once asked atheist JBS Haldane what we could know about God by looking at nature. Haldane replied, “He appears to have an inordinate fascination with beetles.” Haldane’s reply, of course, depended his somehow knowing what an ordinate fascination with beetles would be and assuming that mere numbers were [Read More…]

Seven Billion Characters in Search of an Author

…are all crammed into my last piece on natural revelation over at the Register. [Read more…]

The Human Person and Morality

…are under discussion over at the Register as we continue our look at Natural Revelation.   [Read more…]

The Human Person and Beauty

…in which we continue our discussion of natural revelation at the Register (and hopefully shake off the battling advocates of atheist materialism and Intelligent Design who both seem to have no clue what St. Thomas was talking about when he talked about Design).  This piece should attract a whole new slew of people who will [Read More…]

Natural Revelationpalooza!

Over at the Register, we continue looking at Natural Revelation by looking at evolution as form of evidence for Thomas’ argument from design, thus causing atheist fundamentalists in the comboxes to have asplodeyt heads and to argue for their position by explaining “Shut up!” Meanwhile, over at Strange Notions, I argue with a more reasonable [Read More…]