A Historic Evangelism Opportunity–and a Threat to that Opportunity

Sherry Weddell, who has forgotten more information about Christian missions than most of us will ever know, writes: Something surprising that I just realized based upon the only serious scholarly attempt to accurately count what are called Muslim background believers (MBB’s) or sometimes BMB’s (Believers from a Muslim background. The best estimate is that we [Read More…]

Yesterday, I gabbed with Tricia Bolle…

of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society about what’s happening in the world of Catholic missions: [Read more…]

Iranian converts to Christianity…

…are filling churches in Germany. Perhaps Christians should consider the possibility of actually believing the gospel they claim to believe instead of assuming they are doomed if they are merciful to the alien, the orphan, and the widow. [Read more…]

Are you a fan of Patrick Coffin?

I am.  And now he’s getting a podcast going and needs your help!   Go here to support a fine apostle with a fine apostolate! [Read more…]

You know that narrative about the imminent death of the Church?

Turns out, not so much. Numbers have doubled since 1970 and are still rising. [Read more…]

Roy Schoeman is Hopping the Pond!

He writes: Greeting from Roy Schoeman! I am writing today to let you know about, and to solicit prayers for, for my upcoming mission trip to the UK and Ireland.  I will be giving a retreat at Craig Lodge, in Scotland, the weekend of September 2-4, which will be followed by a series of speaking [Read More…]

The blood of martyrs…

…is the seed of Christians. – Tertullian Sherry Weddell notes that there about 60 thousand Muslim-background believers in the US.  There will be more because many Muslims, like all other normal people, are sick of this crap done in the name of Islam. We should be looking at this as early Christians did: as a [Read More…]

I’ll be talking to Tricia Bolle…

of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society, about her work bringing the Faith to Asia on Connecting the Dots at 5 PM Eastern. Feel free to call or text us at 1-573-4BREAD4 or tweet us @breadboxmedia. [Read more…]

We are living in a period of unprecedented evangelization…

…of Islam.  If Catholics stopped listening to culture warriors telling than that Islam is impervious to the gospel and can only be confronted with blood and iron and started paying attention to the success stories of those who have already brought millions of Muslims to Christ, perhaps we could regain the confidence in the gospel [Read More…]

Sherry Weddell on the Unprecedented Tide of Muslim Converts

We are, right now, living in the greatest period of Muslim evangelization in history.  Sherry looks at why and what we can do to pitch in. [Read more…]