Michael Liccione Speaks the Truth

Sez he: We cannot revive Christian civilization by trying to revive Christian civilization. We can do it only with one person and family at a time making Jesus the center of their lives and their chief love. This, by the way, is everything Pope Francis has been saying. [Read more...]

Marc Barnes and others…

…are up to good things as Franciscan students work to leaven the town of Steubenvill with the gospel per Evangelii Gaudium and the Church’s missionary imperative.  I love that guy and I love that school. [Read more...]

A reader is interested in doing evangelization and apologetics

…over at the Register.  We chat about it here. [Read more...]

A reader puzzles about how to be a good witness

He writes: I am one of the readers of your blog and enjoy reading your apologetics. I am writing to you concerning the call to every Christian to love and serve God and submit to his will, which in today’s world of “me, myself and I” is a very ludicrous idea. The question is how [Read More...]

Cool? Pretty Dang!

Tips for Jesus is going around leaving gigantic tips for wait staff.  As in $5000 tips.  That is extremely cool.  Way to go, whoever you are. [Read more...]

Ratzinger on the New Evangelization

…sounds a lot like Francis on the New Evangelization. [Read more...]

Reader Dan C Gets it…

That is, he gets that the only real difference between Francis and his immediate predecessors is not a change in the Church’s teaching, but simply a particular gift for being able to make the Church’s teaching heard. All the recent popes have said the same thing.  The difference is that Francis is unavoidable.  Three central [Read More...]

Tribalism and Blowing an Evangelistic Opportunity

I have heard from any number of people expressing horror–yes, horror–at the idea that people on the cultural and political left find Francis attractive.  In the early Church, a Paul would have seized such an opportunity to preach the gospel to a receptive audience. But in our tribalized culture of identity politics, and aided and [Read More...]

Bed-wetting Reactionary Wusses…

panic over Pope Francis yet again. JoAnna Wahlund grabs them by the shoulders as they scream incoherently like a little girl with a spider on her blouse, and talks them down. Turns out Pope Francis is pretty much saying, you know, what the Church has always said about the possible salvation of non-believers. It also [Read More...]

Brandon Vogt has good news

He writes: Hope all is well! I wanted to share the exciting news that Fr. Robert Barron just released his newest film, “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization”. Check out the trailer: film also debuts with a comprehensive study program, authored by yours truly. It’s perfect for small-groups and parish Bible-studies. In just six weeks you traverse [Read More...]

It’s Good to Have Readers Who Can Do the Heavy Lifting

I’m pretty busy for the next week or so and can’t check in in the comboxes as much as I’d like. So when the umpteenth Traditionalist makes the case for his superiority to the rest of the Church: Those who argue for the superiority of the Traditional Latin Mass (whether they deem the NO valid [Read More...]

Pat Madrid does great stuff

If you want to learn how to do Catholic Evangelization and Apologetics, he’s one of the best teachers you could ask for. Plus, the dude is hilarious. [Read more...]