ChurchPOP is on the air!

Their battle cry: Make holy ALL the things! [Read more...]

Fr. Robert Barron is doing more cool stuff!

CATHOLIC MEDIA MINSTRY LAUNCHES UNPRECEDENTED WEBSITE Father Robert Barron describes revamped WordOnFire.orgas “a real game-changer” for the Church CHICAGO August 19, 2014 – When Father Robert Barron founded Word on Fire Catholic Ministries in 2000 and launched, the goal was simple: to share his homilies online. “I liked the idea of sending my homilies to [Read More...]

Extremely Good News!

Word on Fire just announced Fr. Robert Barron’s next epic film series, CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players. Learn more at [Read more...]

Sherry Weddell Gets It

Sez she: The greatest triumphs of Orthodox Christianity have taken place when the Church has lived as a missionary Church and not as an institutional Church. Pope Francis challenges Orthodox Christians with the following words: “I prefer a Church which is bruised, hurting and dirty because it has been out on the streets, rather than [Read More...]

When the dust of our time settles…

I hope people will realize that one of the most surprisingly effective and culturally subversive Catholic evangelists and catechists in the public square was Stephen Colbert. The Colbert ReportGet More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive [Read more...]

In the Providence of God…

…it may not be such a bad thing if America’s cultural suicide prostrates us at China’s feet. [Read more...]

The Bad Evangelist Club…

…talks about winning the debate and losing the soul. Of course, *I’ve* never done that. But I post this for all those lesser beings who are prone to such blunders. [Read more...]


…at your local library! [Read more...]

Fr. Barron…

…on holy priests, crazy prophets, and bold kings. [Read more...]

Spring Break Mission Trip for Young Adults

AGES 18+ FAST APPROACHING! SPRING BREAK MISSION & OUTREACH to SXSW will be held March 8-16. Discipleship and mission outreach training provided. Learn to share your faith in the Capital of Texas to a world in need of a personal Jesus. Video and applications online here. [Read more...]