Tribalism and Blowing an Evangelistic Opportunity

I have heard from any number of people expressing horror–yes, horror–at the idea that people on the cultural and political left find Francis attractive.  In the early Church, a Paul would have seized such an opportunity to preach the gospel to a receptive audience. But in our tribalized culture of identity politics, and aided and [Read More...]

Bed-wetting Reactionary Wusses…

panic over Pope Francis yet again. JoAnna Wahlund grabs them by the shoulders as they scream incoherently like a little girl with a spider on her blouse, and talks them down. Turns out Pope Francis is pretty much saying, you know, what the Church has always said about the possible salvation of non-believers. It also [Read More...]

Brandon Vogt has good news

He writes: Hope all is well! I wanted to share the exciting news that Fr. Robert Barron just released his newest film, “CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization”. Check out the trailer: film also debuts with a comprehensive study program, authored by yours truly. It’s perfect for small-groups and parish Bible-studies. In just six weeks you traverse [Read More...]

It’s Good to Have Readers Who Can Do the Heavy Lifting

I’m pretty busy for the next week or so and can’t check in in the comboxes as much as I’d like. So when the umpteenth Traditionalist makes the case for his superiority to the rest of the Church: Those who argue for the superiority of the Traditional Latin Mass (whether they deem the NO valid [Read More...]

Pat Madrid does great stuff

If you want to learn how to do Catholic Evangelization and Apologetics, he’s one of the best teachers you could ask for. Plus, the dude is hilarious. [Read more...]

And While We Are Talking About Evangelism

Here is a story about Catholics passing on the Faith. [Read more...]

Catholic Defender Daily is Live

Reader David Gray writes: Just dropping you a note to let you know that we launched a new website today. It’s called Catholic Defender Daily, and it’s an aggregate with the purpose to collect and present the best Catholic proposals and defenses of the faith – articles, videos, images, quotes, and audio. Please visit the [Read More...]

John C. Wright Offers an Apologia for the Catholic Faith

…in his own inimitable style here, here, here, and here.  I reckon there will be more so watch that space. [Read more...]

Fr. Barron Gives Six Tips…

…on the New Evangelization. [Read more...]

For Those Interested in Evangelism

A reader writes: I have been happily busy during this week-end (starting with a Thursday evening session) attending a “Weekend School of Evangelization” promoted by my parish for parish volunteers. And I have been quite impressed with the presentation and the content. This has been presented mostly in Canada, but occasionally in the States as [Read More...]

The Irrepressible Brandon Vogt…

…got asked on to NPR’s “All Things Considered” this past weekend to discuss “What Young Catholics Want” with Annie Selak, the author of the recent WaPo piece.  You can listen to it here. Well done, Brandon! [Read more...]

What Young Catholics Want

According to the WaPo. The utility of such articles is not in figuring out what the Church needs to shut up about in order to be “relevant” (which is usually the agenda the MSM is pursuing in publishing such pieces). Rather, it is in finding the growing edge of the rising generation–the points of gospel [Read More...]