How Not to be a Missionary (and a Chance to Be One!)

Tricia Bølle of the St. Francis Xavier Lay Missionary Society writes: How to Not be a Missionary A few more years ago than I care to think about, I graduated from Stanford University with a degree that put Asia in my path.  At the time, I had a couple good job offers to move back East [Read More…]

Here’s What St. Bryce Missions is Doing to Spread the Gospel

And here is where you can go to help them do it. [Read more…]

HubCatholic is on the air!

A place for Catholics to Post, Rate, Share and Discuss things they find interesting. They would also value your input on how they can make the best service possible for the Catholic community. They are hoping to add new features for both users and website owners. Their goal is to engage and support the [Read More…]

Interesting piece on the Church in Asia

Tricia Bolle sends along a piece with a lot of Catholic input from her that ran in a mostly Protestant publication that focuses on educating people about Christianity in China to better inform people going in on mission. Hoping it will create some positive dialogue among China minded Protestants. Tricia is doing very important Catholic [Read More…]

Today’s Chance to Do a Work of Evangelization

via film: My name is Matthew Herbertz and I am a second year graduate student at Ohio University gearing up to shoot my next film entitled “The Priest”. I’ve been contacting bloggers, newspapers, media, etc to let them know and possibly help spread the news about my next film and my Kickstarter campaign found here: [Read More…]

“Convinced” Indiegogo Drive is Ending this Weekend

Here’s the trailer: If you want to help bring this film to the public eye and help do a work of evangelization, go here! In case you are wondering: No, I don’t make a nickel off this. Just happy to help in a worthwhile project. [Read more…]

Elton John and the five stages of Intentional Discipleship

Since my post on Elton John admiring Pope Francis, lots of people are writing me to ring various changes on “Elton John is gay.  Don’t you realize that is a sin?” and “He has very false ideas of marriage and thinks the pope supports them.  You can’t evangelize on the basis of a lie.” and [Read More…]

Elton John greatly admires Pope Francis

He joins a growing list of people (who represent millions more), hitherto disaffected from the Church, who find they trust and admire him and are revisiting what the gospel has to say because of him. Meanwhile, it is the mark of the madness of our age that the Greatest Catholics of All Time see this [Read More…]

Fr. Robert Barron on Shepherding People

[Read more…]

Fr. Robert Barron Revisits the Argument from Motion

I love his Thomism for Joe SixPak stuff: Revisiting the Argument from Motion By Very Rev. Robert Barron Father Robert Barron is the founder of the global ministry, Word on Fire, and the Rector/President of Mundelein Seminary. He is the creator of the award winning documentary series, “Catholicism”  and “Catholicism:The New Evangelization.” Learn more at  One [Read More…]