Behold the Power of GRUNKY!

Kevin O’Brien writes with a Grand Announcement!: Grunky – “a word which I invented at the age of five, to express my religious sentiments.” – GK Chesterton Announcing a new Catholic video network! is the project of Kevin O’Brien, founder and artistic director of the Theater of the Word, Inc., with help from Dale Ahqluist of the American [Read More…]

Information Technology is Not the Friend of the Pro-Abort Liar

Oh sure, the pro-abort liar can use mass media to disseminate all the “it’s just a lunp of tissue” bushwah to people who still get all their info from Big Brother. But when people can whip out their Smartphone and do an ultrasound anywhere, anytime it gets harder to control the message. [Read more…]

Local Crime Story my Eye

In a just world, once they are done putting the butcher Gosnell away for the rest of his natural life, they will begin a series of Nuremburg trials in which the MSM is prosecuted for malpractice every bit as gross and neglectful for their systematic and wilful choice to turn a blind eye to this [Read More…]

The New Media Push to Shame Old Media into Covering Gosnell

is succeeding.  Way to go! [Read more…]