O Christmas Sheep, O Christmas Sheep

Sheep found wandering streets in a Christmas sweater. [Read more...]

Canada: It’s this whole ‘nother country

Drunk birds sober up in Environment Yukon holding tank Bohemian waxwings get tipsy on fermented berries [Read more...]

The Zombie Apocalypse is Upon Us!

So it begins… and ends. Stupid boring killjoy brain finders… [Read more...]

The Theology of the Booty

Protestant Fundamentalists out in deep space advocate husbands spanking their wives to correct their disobedience. And yes, it’s not just Protestant Fundamentalists who are into this. Some not-at-all-creepy Reactionary Catholics think this is cool beans too.  (You really need to scroll through a couple pages of the discussion to get a full sense of the [Read More...]