China is in a horse race with Japan…

…to achieve the top notch as Asia’s weirdest country: China uses facial recognition software to crack down on toilet paper theft To get toilet paper from dispensers placed in the Temple of Heaven, users must first stare into a computer that records their image before spitting out a 2-foot-long sheet of tissue. This story delights [Read More…]

Science Discovers Another Reason…

…to hate yoga pants. [Read more…]

Japan: World’s Leading Exporter…

of weird. [Read more…]

Not Eye of the Tiber

McDonalds opens in Vatican, Cardinals not Lovin’ it. I do not understand how anybody, surrounded by a city full of the best Italian cuisine in the universe, would eat at a McDonalds. [Read more…]

Something to cross off your bucket list

[Read more…]

Infamous Cheesemaking Nun

…are three words I never expected to see in that order. [Read more…]

Archaeologists Unearth Weird Hillary Clinton/Forrest Gump Video

How can I have never heard of this till just now? Apparently it was done for the 1995 Gridiron Dinner. [Read more…]

Man fires corn cobs from potato gun at neighbor

So, this occurred. [Read more…]

Monster Island Wants to Kill You

Today in Australian Nature News: Hawks throwing snakes at innocent picnickers: Of course, some buzzkills say it’s a fake, but I say “Print the Legend!” [Read more…]

There’ll Always Be an England

Duck wearing bowtie walks into pub, drinks pint, fights dog, loses. This makes me feel things I’ve never felt before. [Read more…]