Dallas Researchers Set out to Prove Genesis is a Scientific Account

Have fun storming the castle! [Read more...]

News of the Weird: Commie Flashback Edition

From the country with the most bizarro leader on the planet came the exciting news a few days ago that the Dear Psycho in Chief has condemned James Franco and Seth Rogen guilty of an act of war for some movie or other. But! Did you know Stalin tried to have John Wayne assassinated? “Stalin [Read More...]

OK GOP Candidate Charges his Opponent is a Body Double…

…or Robot. Now if he were running against Romney, I don’t think anybody would blame him for having suspicions. [Read more...]

Chesterton would have loved this story

–and could well have had it happen to him. Oblivious Missing Woman Joins Search Party to Look for Herself Until 3 AM That is so great! [Read more...]

Nazi Space Aliens Secretly Run US…

…according to Iranian news agency. Sheesh.  They say it like it’s a*bad* thing!  Dude.  Wouldn’t you *want* a Formula One mechanic to service your car?  Then what is wrong with successful interstellar travelers running the US?  And the whole Hitler Thing?  Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, they had snappy uniforms.  [Read More...]

China and Japan: Leading Exporters of News of the Weird

The two nations invoke Harry Potter in war of words. It seems the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo is a kind of horcrux and China is like Voldemort. The UN has issued a statement that reads simply, “Seriously dudes?” [Read more...]

FOX files highly dubious Bigfoot story under “Science” news

Some guy claims to have killed a Bigfoot and offers these totally not fake-looking pictures as “proof”. Until the guy produces the corpse and submits it for scientific examination, the headline should be “Presume hoaxter refuses to let latest ‘find’ be tested by real science.”  It should be filed under News of the Weird, not [Read More...]

Pope Blesses Harley Bikers

Because why not? [Read more...]

Strange Bedfellows

So here’s a WaPo story about a bunch of women getting together to play “Vatican”. It’s a board game designed to teach you how conclaves work, just in case you want to know. It’s funny to me because I’ve actually corresponded with the creator of the game, Stephen Haliczer, a smart, serious Catholic. He is, [Read More...]

My Daughter-in-Law’s Vivid Interior Life

is on display as she writes from her bed of sickness: Today I fever-dreamed a meeting with the secret fifth Shea boy, who had been taken at birth and raised by Faeries. The Faeries had wiped your memories of him. He knew magic and had some fantastical-sounding faery name that I can’t remember now. We [Read More...]

There but for the grace of God…

go I. Strange bulletins from alternate universes. [Read more...]