When You are Dealing with People Who are Not Ready for Civilization…

…you be more cautious in sourcing stories. Last night I ran a reaction to a story which turns out to be poorly sourced claiming that the ambassador to Libya was gay and was sodomized by his murderers. I saw red and wrote a screed in response. I should have checked the bona fides of the [Read More...]

For a God King, He Sure Seems Out of His Depth

What? No apology for our Ambassador to the grateful nation of Libya thoughtlessly leaving his corpse lying around for the poor bullied Muslims to have to clean up?  Don’t we *care* that they incur ritual impurity from that? Why are we there? [Read more...]

Our Dear Good Friends the Saudis…

,,,remind us that 11 years after 19 terrorists from Saudi Arabia attacked us and sent us off on a war to bring freedom, democracy and equality to oppressed Muslim women, our efforts have helped to create a world were our dear good friends the Saudis can still have royalty who order lower class Egyptian woman [Read More...]