The Devil You Don’t Know

Here’s a little piece on the Church’s tradition concerning the demonic that I wrote for Our Sunday Visitor recently. [Read more…]

The Power of Conversion Stories

…is under discussion over at Our Sunday Visitor courtesy of Yr Obdt Svt. [Read more…]

Drug Addiction and the Impoverished Soul

My friend John Barnes on the emptiness that some try to numb with drugs. [Read more…]

The last in my series on models of the Church…

…this one on St. Paul, is now available over at Our Sunday Visitor. [Read more…]

John and the Church of Contemplation

…is under discussion over at Our Sunday Visitor, courtesy of Yr. Obdt. Svt. [Read more…]

Peter: Model of the Church of Office

Over at Our Sunday Visitor, I’m starting a little series that will key off of von Balthasar’s models of the Church and take a look at four saints who give us four different ways of thinking about the Church.  First up is Peter, the Model of the Church of Office. In the future, we will look [Read More…]

What’s in a Name?

Here’s a piece I did for OSV on the significance of the use of names in the gospels: Have you ever wondered why you know the names of certain characters in the Gospels? Why do you know the name of blind Bartimaeus, who begged by the roadside at Jericho (Mk 10:46-52)? Why do you know, [Read More…]

Age of Wisdom

Here’s a fun piece I wrote a bit ago for OSV where I interviewed several wonderful older Catholics about how they kept the faith and lived such long and fruitful lives.  Really a joy to talk to these folks. [Read more…]

Catholic/American Phrasebook, Part 3

…is now out over at Our Sunday Visitor. The previous two installments are here and here. [Read more…]

Clearing up the Confusion

Over at OSV, Yr. Obdt’ Svt. pens the first of a three part serious that looks to translate Catholicese into contemporary Americanese. [Read more…]