The Multiplication of the Crashed Hard Drives…

…will be the first miracle toward Obama’s canonization. It’s shocking how little faith people have that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this. St. Rosemary Woods, pray for Obama! [Read more...]

A prophet is always without honor…

…in his own all-seeing global surveillance empire. [Read more...]

Golly! It would appear our Dear Leader is a bit of a fibber!

You know, what with the whole “Granting himself a +12 die roll in unilaterally authorizing himself the power to murder any man, woman or child on planet earth he deems, by his royal will alone, to need killing.” Even Bush didn’t crap on the Constitution to that degree. [Read more...]

News Media Foils Treasonous Plot Against Our Dear Leader!

Man in NM makes a funny by naming his outhouse the Obama Presidential Library Menckenesque Paladins of free speech and challengers of the rich, powerful and corrupt in the media demand state intervene to silence this disloyal so-called American! Our Dear Leader is just and wise. Humor is subversive and will not be tolerated. We [Read More...]