Finding the Right Reaction to Different Sins

The other day, I posted a link to a piece I wrote about what to do when members of the Church hurt you. There’s an accompanying article, also by Yr. Obdt. Svt., on finding the right reaction to different sins. Speaking of which, I think I reacted too strongly to Sen. DeMint’s veto the other [Read More...]

Because Our Ruling Class Cares So Much About our Troops

Thousands of sick Marine veterans and their families might be on the verge of taking a giant leap toward receiving health care for illnesses they suffered from decades of water contamination at Marines Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. Legislation that has languished for years was expected to be voted on in the full Senate this week [Read More...]

The Post-Conscience GOP

There’s something poetic and fitting about a party that has advertised itself as the Party that is the Home of Godly Righteousness as opposed to those Godless Liberals Over There making this guy their banner carrier: …and then telling us we *have* to vote for him–for the sake of “conscience”. That’s rich. Not as rich as [Read More...]

Tolerance is not Enough

Children *MUST* approve of homosex and parents WILL be punished if they attempt to stand in the way. This is but one of the many freedoms for which our Ruling Class is sending our troop to fight for in 120 nations–and then gratefully burying them in landfills. [Read more...]

While our troops pay in blood…

we are ruled by bickering cliques of Mean Girls from your sophomore year in the high school cafeteria. [Read more...]

Look, the important thing is, they are making a lot of money

Also, they are key to how our government works for us: I guess what I’m trying to say is, shop at Walmart, or the terrorists will already have won. Or do you hate our freedom too? [Read more...]

I am highly dubious about anything called “Internetocracy”

…but I do enjoy the wit of the poster: [Read more...]

One gets the impression the wise elders of Philly…

see no essential difference between people and pigeons. “Feeding programs”. It’s the sort of language we use for rats and cattle. I wonder how we’ll feel about this “Vermin should be out of sight and out of mind” thinking if the economy collapses and we become the vermin. [Read more...]

Two Points

1. Billie Harris and his widow represent all that is best about this country. 2. Rep. Mac Thornberry is emblematic of everything contemptible, vile, and disgusting about our Ruling Class. It’s the prayers of people like Mrs. Harris that stand between him and the Pit. I hope someday he realizes that. God bless her forgiveness [Read More...]

Works like a charm

State provides corporation with taxpayer funded bailout. Grateful Corporation then thanks taxpayers by firing them and shipping their jobs overseas. Corporation pledges funds to stir moral panic depicting state/corporate alliance as the only thing protecting the human race from extinction. [Read more...]

Yes, yes, yes. I *know* the site is ritually impure…

…but still, read this and tell me Orwell is not incredibly prescient–and that we are not living a great deal of 1984 more and more right here in the Land of the Allegedly Free. [Read more...]

Our Mysterious Reverence for the Rich

It’s amazing to me how solicitous we are for the tender feelings of the immensely wealthy and powerful, and how ready we are to lade all of our fear and contempt on the weakest and most desperate. [Read more...]