Anybody who thinks this is unjust is a communist bent on destroying our Wealth Creators.  The rich can be trusted and should be thought of only as the object of pity. [Read more...]

Perhaps they should build a wall

A reader writes: It strikes me as something of a turning point in a nation’s history when its leaders feel they have to begin devising ways to prevent people from leaving. It appears the temporary alliance between our economic and political ruling classes may be starting to break down. Our economic masters, once they are [Read More...]

We’re Number 1!

Babies are important and all.  But not as important as Mammon. Of course, this comes from a ritually impure source and so can be ignored. And besides, it’s socialist for the state to have anything to do with supporting or caring for the good of the family (except when the GOP is ginning up votes [Read More...]

Rich Man Saved from Mob of 12

Justice prevails as another extremely wealthy politician is saved from having to face any consequences for his actions. The system works! Meanwhile, other members of the victimized rich cry bitter tears of self-pity because somebody questions their ownership of pet politicians, parties, and the bodies and souls of men (Rev. 18:13). Is there anything more [Read More...]

The GOP: Staunch Defender of Traditional Marriage!

…appointed the judges who just struck down DOMA. But we urgently *must* vote for Romney because he’s going to give us the judges who, this time for sure, will overturn Roe–such as Kennedy, Souter, and O’Connor. Trust them. This time for sure. No. Really. [Read more...]

Rich to our Troops

Self-sacrifice for thee, but not for me. Thanks for defending our country while I got rich off it. Tough luck about the missing limbs, brain injuries, ruined families, soaring suicide rates, and landfill burials. I’m outta here! Gotta protect the investment and look out for Numero Uno! Not only can you not serve God and [Read More...]

On the Gitmoization

…of our Police State. It’s not left vs. right. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us. [Read more...]

A culture of people…

like Francesca Eastwood are the ones who get most upset that the Catholic Church has a lot of art available for any riff raff off the street to go and see any time they like.  People who wantonly burn $100,000 (or, in the case of our Ruling Class, $1,000,000,000,000 on foolish wars) are the ones [Read More...]

A Member of our Ruling Class…

…fights for fundamental human rights. Beautiful to see those whom God has blessed with so much power to help others using that power for what really matters. Camel, meet needle’s eye. [Read more...]

Further Recommendation for What to Do With our Ruling Class

In addition to stripping our elected officials of all financial gain beyond their salaries for their elected office and putting it into a fund for wounded veterans, with a proviso that any protest means immediate induction into the military or prison, I also think that the entire management of Goldman Sachs should immediately have all [Read More...]

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend

…and whether you vote for the Nobel Prize Winner who has launched more cruise missiles and drone strikes than any other, or we choose the lesser of two evils and vote for, you know, the evil of a warmonger party that has learne absolutely nothing from its blunders…. “I can’t name a single Romney foreign [Read More...]

Yes, yes. I realize it’s a ritually impure source

…full of leftist cooties and other terrible defiling things. Still, I think the actual facts discussed in this article should be troubling. The actual function of the police is supposed to be to defend the common good from criminals, not to entice marginal people to be criminals and provide them with the means to do [Read More...]