One gets the impression the wise elders of Philly…

see no essential difference between people and pigeons. “Feeding programs”. It’s the sort of language we use for rats and cattle. I wonder how we’ll feel about this “Vermin should be out of sight and out of mind” thinking if the economy collapses and we become the vermin. [Read more…]

Two Points

1. Billie Harris and his widow represent all that is best about this country. 2. Rep. Mac Thornberry is emblematic of everything contemptible, vile, and disgusting about our Ruling Class. It’s the prayers of people like Mrs. Harris that stand between him and the Pit. I hope someday he realizes that. God bless her forgiveness [Read More…]

Works like a charm

State provides corporation with taxpayer funded bailout. Grateful Corporation then thanks taxpayers by firing them and shipping their jobs overseas. Corporation pledges funds to stir moral panic depicting state/corporate alliance as the only thing protecting the human race from extinction. [Read more…]

Yes, yes, yes. I *know* the site is ritually impure…

…but still, read this and tell me Orwell is not incredibly prescient–and that we are not living a great deal of 1984 more and more right here in the Land of the Allegedly Free. [Read more…]

Christian Ohnimus throws a spanner in the works…

…of the GOP’s attempt to gin up the de rigeur “YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR OUR GUY BECAUSE WE ARE THE LAST BEST HOPE FOR A CULTURE OF LIFE!!!!!” election year bunkum. He is is a fine young Catholic man, simply trying to evaluate Romney in light of the Church’s actual teaching: I’m working on [Read More…]

Suicides are surging

among our troops. Our grateful Ruling Class’ solution: Keep them in Afghanistan, launch more wars, bury them in landfills, reduce their numbers to 1940 level and demand they make bricks without straw, cut their benefits, blow off any public acknowledgement of troops living and dead and instead go golfing on Memorial Day and fundraising on [Read More…]

Perhaps they should build a wall

A reader writes: It strikes me as something of a turning point in a nation’s history when its leaders feel they have to begin devising ways to prevent people from leaving. It appears the temporary alliance between our economic and political ruling classes may be starting to break down. Our economic masters, once they are [Read More…]

Rich Man Saved from Mob of 12

Justice prevails as another extremely wealthy politician is saved from having to face any consequences for his actions. The system works! Meanwhile, other members of the victimized rich cry bitter tears of self-pity because somebody questions their ownership of pet politicians, parties, and the bodies and souls of men (Rev. 18:13). Is there anything more [Read More…]

The GOP: Staunch Defender of Traditional Marriage!

…appointed the judges who just struck down DOMA. But we urgently *must* vote for Romney because he’s going to give us the judges who, this time for sure, will overturn Roe–such as Kennedy, Souter, and O’Connor. Trust them. This time for sure. No. Really. [Read more…]

Rich to our Troops

Self-sacrifice for thee, but not for me. Thanks for defending our country while I got rich off it. Tough luck about the missing limbs, brain injuries, ruined families, soaring suicide rates, and landfill burials. I’m outta here! Gotta protect the investment and look out for Numero Uno! Not only can you not serve God and [Read More…]