Our Pathetic Ruling Class at Play

Kevin Roose spends some time at one of the soirees put on by the Wall Street Masters of the Universe: a passel of the sort pathetic moral dwarfs to whom God, in his providence, guarantees power when a civilization forgets Him.  In the flabby hands of these grasping, puny-minded, and wicked men and women lies [Read More...]

New York Times Blames Piers Morgan’s Accent…

…for his failure to connect with Americans. Us hayseeds in flyover country were too busy watching Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Mister Bean, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Recycled Shakespeare Company of Supporting Actors and a trillion other imports from the Beeb and the English stage to be able [Read More...]

The Basic Structure of the Post-Constitutional American Order

the people on the couches, once their utility is exhausted, will cease to be treated to bread and circuses and placed in front of the tanks like the rest of the weak.  Mammon has no interest in the claims to human dignity for the useless.  Only God cares about the weak. In related news: Food [Read More...]

85 people own nearly half of global wealth

This week, the world’s wealthy and powerful meet in Davos, Switzerland, for their annual talk fest and exchange of business cards. This year several panels have been organized around the theme of widening inequality – which has grown even more extreme since the Great Recession, both in the U.S. and around the world. As you [Read More...]

I gotta give it to this guy

Why not arrest Paul Ryan for treason and give his job to this guy?  He couldn’t do a worse job. [Read more...]

Paul Ryan, Our Last Best Hope for a Truly True Catholic in the White House

Every worthless parasite in Congress that supports screwing our troops–yet again–should face the choice of having every penny they have made beyond their salary of office summarily confiscated and put into a fund for disabled vets, or being sent immediately to Afghanistan to clean latrines and sweep mine fields in their bare feet.  Give them [Read More...]

Mission Accomplished

Al-Qaeda raises its black flag of rule in Iraq… Meanwhile, here at home, the Ruling Class that sent our troops on this misbegotten war, a Ruling Class that features the odious Ayn Rand worshipper Paul Ryan–who did his best to get Catholics to fall down in adoration before that enemy of God and who divides [Read More...]

With Liberty and Justice for Some

For the very first time, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongfully convicting an innocent man. The very first time. He lied about evidence in order to lock away an innocent man for 25 years. So what does a member of the Ruling Class get for trying to rob a man of 25 years [Read More...]

Perhaps focusing less contempt on the poor and vulnerable who need our help…

and focusing more defiance at the rich and powerful who rob us blind would be wise if we really want to sound like Catholics critiquing an incompetent and corrupt state: [Read more...]

Obama Schadenfreudarama

Jonah Goldberg is, I must say, very very funny as he gleefully performs the autopsy on the disastrous rollout of Obamacare.  As is always the case with people in revolt against a regime, he has a pretty good sense of what’s wrong with the Obama Administration–particularly Obama’s massive hubris and belief that his godlike word [Read More...]