Mission Accomplished

Al-Qaeda raises its black flag of rule in Iraq… Meanwhile, here at home, the Ruling Class that sent our troops on this misbegotten war, a Ruling Class that features the odious Ayn Rand worshipper Paul Ryan–who did his best to get Catholics to fall down in adoration before that enemy of God and who divides [Read More…]

With Liberty and Justice for Some

For the very first time, a prosecutor will go to jail for wrongfully convicting an innocent man. The very first time. He lied about evidence in order to lock away an innocent man for 25 years. So what does a member of the Ruling Class get for trying to rob a man of 25 years [Read More…]

Obama Schadenfreudarama

Jonah Goldberg is, I must say, very very funny as he gleefully performs the autopsy on the disastrous rollout of Obamacare.¬† As is always the case with people in revolt against a regime, he has a pretty good sense of what’s wrong with the Obama Administration–particularly Obama’s massive hubris and belief that his godlike word [Read More…]

Our Ruling Class and Wall St. are Doing Great!

Record 91.5 million Americans not in labor force… [Read more…]

Obama to Troops

Bend over–again. You guys and your families need to sacrifice more pay and benefits while I go golfing with my cronies. Be sure to pay your taxes before I send you into harm’s way again. We can’t waste it on your insignificant widows and orphans when there are incompetent executives who still lack gold bathroom [Read More…]

The Purpose of the Military is to Kill People and Break Things

In order to do that effectively, it was perfectly appropriate to make use of all resources, including human resources, as much as possible.¬† So it was perfectly appropriate¬† to get rid of stupid color, ethnic and gender barriers that hindered that mission. It is not, however, perfectly appropriate to replace one stupid ideology with another [Read More…]

A Police State Tends to Select More and More *for* These Kinds of Goons

Cop savagely beats disabled man because of “bulge” in his clothes that turned out to be a colostomy bag. Cops murder 80 year old in his home, claim they smelled meth. No meth. Widow is suing them for $50 million. I hope she gets every penny and they get life in prison. Two cops beat [Read More…]

Our Ruling Class Continues Experimenting on the Only Part of the Population Completely Under Their Jackboot Heel

Our troops. Outrage du jour: In the wake of the government shutdown, despite provisions in the Pay Our Military Act, Catholics at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia are being denied religious services. The Catholic priest who serves this community has been prohibited from even volunteering to celebrate Holy Mass without pay, and was [Read More…]

Ruling Class Teenage Supervillains vs. the Only Grownup on the World Stage

On the one hand, the men and women We the People elected to high office continue to act like adolescent Dr. Evils–threatening to destroy the world economy if their petulant demands for ego assuagement are not met. The Koch Brothers and the Heritage Foundation realize, to their horror, that the monsters they have created might [Read More…]

Ruling Class Continues Treating Troops…

…like pawns and lab rats. And what they do to the troops in their absolute power, they long to do to the rest of us, since they are convinced they know what’s best and that they deserve the total control over us they already enjoy over our troops. People can only take so much. Our [Read More…]