Drew Bowling sees some possible silver linings in our Ruling Class’ Mars-Worshipping Contempt…

…for the will of the American people: Washington is in meltdown, and a radical political realignment is in full force. The situation is grave, but the theatrics are mesmerizing. Obama and his capering war puppets have twisted themselves into a Gordian Knot of hypocritical nonsense. Liberal interventionists and neoconservative hawks continue to forge their Faustian [Read More...]

One of the Reasons Labor Day Exists…

is to remind us that things like this are evil–and, by the way, deeply anti-Christian. My brethren, show no partiality as you hold the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory. 2 For if a man with gold rings and in fine clothing comes into your assembly, and a poor man in [Read More...]

Our State Run Media Get to the Bottom of Things

So far, it is established that Snowden betrayed our Ruling Class.  It remains to be seen whether he betrayed his country.  It does not remain to be seen whether Our Ruling Class have betrayed the country. They are manifold traitors. In a just world, every dime beyond their salary of office that they have made since they [Read More...]

The More Our Ruling Class…

…see us as enemies, subjects, and cattle the more we will see domestic police become indistinguishable from the military.  Our Ruling Class no longer serve us.  They serve these guys. [Read more...]

Scribble Protests in Water Soluble Chalk on the Sidewalk Outside a Bank

Face prison for 13 years from judge who forbids you to mention free speech. Destroy WaMu with your incompetence, get $64,000,000 reward. [Read more...]

When you Tell a Lie, Mr. President, Make it a Big One

President defends domestic NSA program as ‘transparent’… I’m no ‘Dick Cheney’… The first lie is the biggest one; the second lie is the funniest.  It’s true you’re no Dick Cheney, Obama.  The truth is, you’re worse, and that takes some doing. Is this man capable of taking *any* responsibility for what he does?  Does every [Read More...]

Daily Kos Figures out…

…that Obama is Bush 44. Mr. President, when you’ve lost the Daily Kos, you are in deep trouble.  These guys were an important part of your base. [Read more...]

Trying to sort out the media reactions to NSA-quiddick

So far it appears to be something along the lines of “It is incredibly scary that the government is spying on all of us and we think Edward Snowden, the person who bravely told us this could well be a traitor who should be executed while we applaud Glenn Greenwald for getting this scoop and [Read More...]


Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy It’s fascinating watching the State trying to scream scary things while Greenwald gets out in front of them and calls BS on the whole “This is endangering us all!!!!” bogeyman stuff. It’s also fascinating to watch a blonde talking hairdo–on MSNBC!–going to bat [Read More...]

The pithy Dale Price says it all

“The good news? It’s getting increasingly difficult for anyone to hate us for our freedoms.” [Read more...]