Conservative Christians in the Military Are Going to Increasingly Find Themselves in a Bind

…as will a country dependent on the self-sacrificial honor of such men and women when the anti-Christian radicals in our Ruling Class begin their Long March through the military in a systematic anti-Christian pogrom.  If you are looking for the sorts of people our Ruling Classes are beginning to consult in order to “deal” with [Read More...]

Humble Public Servants

Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare Exemption Because all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. [Read more...]

The Big Winner of the Gay “Marriage” Struggle

David Brooks, Useful Idiot, prophesies the massive panacaeic benefits that gay “marriage” will confer on the world.  Meanwhile, Ms Gessen openly and frankly says that the goal of gay “marriage” is to destroy marriage and the family because they get in the way of homosex. Meanwhile, as in every revolt against Catholic teaching since the [Read More...]

As our Culture Re-Paganizes

it gets harder and harder for our Ruling Class to make fine distinctions between things like “terrorists” and “Christians”.  The Romans had similar difficulties. [Read more...]

Our Ruling Classes Have Everything Under Control

A reader writes: Thought this might be of interest to you.  It’s a pretty good demonstration of how even when the government does “care” for the poor, it does so in the worst, most expensive, and degrading way.  It sweeps them under the carpet and gives huge incentives against them improving their lives, while at the same [Read More...]

How the Amalgamation of EvilCorps and State That is Our Ruling Class…

…plan to devour you and yours when their insatiable greed for power and wealth burns through the present bailout strategies. Don’t imagine that the sin of greed produces sanity.  Those who think the rich and powerful can’t be bought are not in touch with reality.  The rich and powerful have been bought already.  That is [Read More...]

Dear Tom: The Answer, Alas, is Yes

Under our current lawless regime our God King has an absolute, self-granted Executive 007 that can be exercised against any human being on planet Earth, citizen or not. No US law restrains him. Only custom and political expediency–in other words, what he can get away with before somebody stops him–pose barriers. Now that the legal [Read More...]

The Biggest Enemies of the United States

The Rand Paul filibuster has been immensely clarifying.  Any member of our Ruling Class who opposes him on this point is an enemy of the United States of America. That includes most of our Ruling Class on both sides of the aisle, as well as the Wall Street Journal and Alternet.  Some righties and lefties [Read More...]

Meanwhile, out on the Left…

David Sirota at Salon does battle with the tribalists of his tribe, who won’t support Rand Paul’s stand for bloody obvious sound principle–that the President does not have the right to secretly order your murder–because he is a ritually impure Republican. Most of my readers are conservatives, so I spend a lot of my time [Read More...]

Avatars of Thing That Used to be Conservativism Attack Actual Conservatism

Well that didn’t take long.  Tom McDonald notes on his FB page about the political whoring of John McCain and Lindsey Graham as they pull out the long knives to deal with Rand Paul’s uppity protest against our Ruling Class and the Corporatist Police State they service: Rand Paul has finally forced the issue of [Read More...]