Daily Kos Figures out…

…that Obama is Bush 44. Mr. President, when you’ve lost the Daily Kos, you are in deep trouble.  These guys were an important part of your base. [Read more...]

Trying to sort out the media reactions to NSA-quiddick

So far it appears to be something along the lines of “It is incredibly scary that the government is spying on all of us and we think Edward Snowden, the person who bravely told us this could well be a traitor who should be executed while we applaud Glenn Greenwald for getting this scoop and [Read More...]


Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy It’s fascinating watching the State trying to scream scary things while Greenwald gets out in front of them and calls BS on the whole “This is endangering us all!!!!” bogeyman stuff. It’s also fascinating to watch a blonde talking hairdo–on MSNBC!–going to bat [Read More...]

The pithy Dale Price says it all

“The good news? It’s getting increasingly difficult for anyone to hate us for our freedoms.” [Read more...]

Another Step Down the Road Toward the Normalization of Pedophilia

Tale of adult-on-15-year-old lesbian sex wins the Palme d’Or at Cannes from the same people who faked orgasms of outrage about the priest abuse scandal while lionizing Roman Polanski, on the lam for seducing a 13 year old. In Hollyweird, you just have to be the Right Kind of Roman. The day is coming when [Read More...]

President Transparent Finally Get Around to Admitting He Murdered a Teenager

However, because the sixteen year old he murdered without evidence, arrest, trial, judge, jury or verdict on his unilateral will alone was related to some other guy he also ordered dead, and they both have foreign-sounding names, it’s all fine. When the President does it, it’s not illegal. And when the President decides that acts [Read More...]

The Feds are Writing Themselves a Free Ticket to Spy On Your Computer

Bush 43 started it. Now Bush 44 is expanding it. Both parties are your enemies. It’s not Left or Right. It’s our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us. The Police State will keep you safe. [Read more...]

Conservative Christians in the Military Are Going to Increasingly Find Themselves in a Bind

…as will a country dependent on the self-sacrificial honor of such men and women when the anti-Christian radicals in our Ruling Class begin their Long March through the military in a systematic anti-Christian pogrom.  If you are looking for the sorts of people our Ruling Classes are beginning to consult in order to “deal” with [Read More...]

Humble Public Servants

Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare Exemption Because all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. [Read more...]

The Big Winner of the Gay “Marriage” Struggle

David Brooks, Useful Idiot, prophesies the massive panacaeic benefits that gay “marriage” will confer on the world.  Meanwhile, Ms Gessen openly and frankly says that the goal of gay “marriage” is to destroy marriage and the family because they get in the way of homosex. Meanwhile, as in every revolt against Catholic teaching since the [Read More...]