Thing that Used to Be Conservatism Cheers for Despotism

In our current state of political discourse, the idea of thinking before reacting is getting rarer and rarer.  The Thing that Used to be Conservatism, being almost entire a creature of the Conservative Infotainment Complex, seems to never give much thought to its positions these days beyond, “Does this have a chance of ginning up [Read More...]

The Ruling Class of the United States of America

…taking care of its heroic soldiers in the manner that the rich and powerful have cared for their slaves for centuries: The Air Force has some bad news for the pilots of its F-22 Raptor stealth fighters: Your planes are going to make you feel crappy and there’s not much anyone can do about it. [Read More...]


Pelosi: Congressional Pay Cut Would Undermine the Dignity of my Job meanwhile… As VA struggles, delays and errors greet returning warriors… The dignity of Nancy Pelosi’s job should be cleaning toilets in Afghanistan until every one of the people she sends into harm’s way while keeping on sub-poverty wages is brought home.  Every dime she [Read More...]

Cowardly Draft-Dodging War Criminal Backs Obama

…on drone strikes. On the bright side, more voices are being heard on the right and on the left opposing Obama’s secret, unaccountable kill lists.  But the fact that a man like Dick Cheney a) supports him and b) still holds a position of influence in the GOP while c) no serious opposition movement to [Read More...]

Ruling Class Just Keeps Crapping on the Troops

Everything that’s wrong with our Ruling Class in two headlines: Panetta to propose military pay cut… Obama raised Joe Biden’s salary… Sooner or later, it’s going to occur to the people with the guns that these people–the contemptible DC swine who subject them and their families to soul-crushing pressures for years at a time, pay [Read More...]

An Army Vet writes:

WIll you please comment on this recent news? As a female Army veteran, I am absolutely appalled. Do we not have enough able bodied men? I have a bunch of other indignant questions running through my mind right now, but here’s the most pragmatic one that every able bodied man who is currently serving should [Read More...]

NY Times recommends scrapping the Constitution

…because people like the creators of the NY Times and our Ruling Class are just so much smarter than the rest of us. Fundamentally undermining the entire legal, social, and civil order of the most awesomely powerful militarist society on the planet, scrapping it and replacing it with something else? What could possibly go wrong? [Read More...]

A Marine writes…

Good freaking grief! We’ve been at war for ten freaking years, with our ruling class treating our military, as Mark says, like cement to be shoveled around the world at will. What do they expect? We are ruled by a criminal class of vampires who suck the life out of these good men and women [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Hard at Work

No help for Hurricane Sandy victims (which really is a legitimate function of the state in helping secure the common good). Plenty of money for our moneyed class, which is to say, themselves and their buddies. These people do not see America as a country to love. They see most of their fellow citizens as [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Are Swine

While disabled vets wait longer and longer for benefits, our Ruling Class takes care of what really matters to them and vote themselves raises. It’s a good thing a Man of the People was elected and not some uncaring oligarch and corporate tool like Romney. They should all be arrested for treason, their loot obtained [Read More...]