Ross Douthat is Right

Mitt Romney, who is the moral equivalent of tofu, does not tell us who he is, but he tells us volumes about who he thinks we are and what the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism wants: Were Mitt Romney’s now-famous comments at a fundraising dinner in May — in which he appeared to write [Read More...]

About those parasites on the dole…

that our hard-working productive GOP candidate and his rich pals are so worried about. Let me introduce you to some of them.  Meet: our troops. These parasites think that just because they voluntarily go into harm’s way, suffer catastrophic injuries that are sometimes worse than death (though death is always a very real possibility), face [Read More...]

A $16 trillion deficit…

…is not nearly enough to stop Caesar from erecting a vast police state face recognition system to keep an eye on you. Because it’s our Ruling Class vs. the rest of us. Why not spend your money so they can keep you under their thumb? It’s no skin off their noses. We’re reaching the point [Read More...]

Obama DOJ Quietly Closes Door…

…on Bush/Cheney Torture Murders. Obama to his worshippers: “Suckers!  Now vote for me again because the Other Lizard is soooooo scary! Why, he might authorize torture or something!” Some people think I want to vote for a third party candidate.  I just want to vote for a second party candidate.  We currently live in a [Read More...]

Teddy Roosevelt: Filthy Commie

If the rich cannot buy America and bend the poor and weak to their will (or just make sure they are never born), then we might as well be living in North Korea. Speaking of which, here is an excellent piece from the American Conservative that reflects what real conservatism (the kind that conserves what [Read More...]

Dems Formally Plump…

…as the Cultured Despisers of Religion Party.  You already knew that, of course, just as you knew four years ago that Obama’s “opposition” to gay “marriage” was an utter sham. Still, it’s sad when the divorce papers go through and the judge makes the split official. We now have one party whose leadership officially holds [Read More...]


Troubled vets left without health care benefits. Every member of Congress should have their pay and vacation suspended and be locked into the chambers of the House and Senate under armed guard until they pass a bill guaranteeing these guys a free pass to any hospital or medical facility they need for the rest of [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class vs. the Rest of Us

US=Us Suckers [Read more...]

And while Americans were still quaintly obsessing….

…(on the Right) over how some guys in a cave in Afghanistan and (on the Left) how some dark theocratic conspiracy of soccer moms and NASCAR enthusiasts were going to “take away our freedoms”, here the problem was right where common sense, the Founders, and the Church has always warned it is: in the immense [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Hate Us for Our Freedom

Our nation’s top military planners are now discussing plans for fighting Americans on American soil. Feeling really safe right now.  Operation Enduring Slavery proceeds apace as the Caesaroligarchic police state slowly and surely draws its plans against us. Meanwhile, on other fronts of our Ruling Class’ war against us, I get this from a reader: [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Hate Us For Our Freedoms

Operation Enduring Slavery: Now In Its Tenth Year of Protecting Our Richest and Most Powerful Citizens from the Blunder of the United States Constitution Why anybody would vote for any member of the two major parties who support this is a mystery to me. Any member of Congress on record for support this bill should [Read More...]

A Conservative Blog for Peace…

…tries to read the tea leaves. He thinks Romney’s going to win. I think his assessment of where things stand is probably pretty accurate. That and five bucks will get you a Starbucks. Bottom line for any Catholic serious about his or her faith: GTFO of the Democratic Party. But the Republicans aren’t our friends [Read More...]