NY Times recommends scrapping the Constitution

…because people like the creators of the NY Times and our Ruling Class are just so much smarter than the rest of us. Fundamentally undermining the entire legal, social, and civil order of the most awesomely powerful militarist society on the planet, scrapping it and replacing it with something else? What could possibly go wrong? [Read More...]

A Marine writes…

Good freaking grief! We’ve been at war for ten freaking years, with our ruling class treating our military, as Mark says, like cement to be shoveled around the world at will. What do they expect? We are ruled by a criminal class of vampires who suck the life out of these good men and women [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Hard at Work

No help for Hurricane Sandy victims (which really is a legitimate function of the state in helping secure the common good). Plenty of money for our moneyed class, which is to say, themselves and their buddies. These people do not see America as a country to love. They see most of their fellow citizens as [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class Are Swine

While disabled vets wait longer and longer for benefits, our Ruling Class takes care of what really matters to them and vote themselves raises. It’s a good thing a Man of the People was elected and not some uncaring oligarch and corporate tool like Romney. They should all be arrested for treason, their loot obtained [Read More...]

Our Ruling Class is Not Populated by Normal People

When normal people’s children fracture their girlfriend’s skull in a violent fit of rage, the parent responds with shock and anger at the violent kid and horror at the crime done. When a member of our Ruling Class has a kid do this, his first and last thought is not about the victim, but about [Read More...]

A Powerful Enemy is Killing Our Troops

Suicide. That’s because our troops and their families are being subjected to an intolerable strain by a Ruling Class that treats them like crap and a populace that never gives them a thought while they bear the burden of maintaining an Empire for immensely powerful people who could not care less about them. The answer [Read More...]

Latest Ruling Class Dump on our Troops

Charles Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the SEALs killed while trying to protect people in Benghazi after being abandoned to his death by our incompetent Administration, tells us that at the ceremony for the return of Tyrone’s body, the Vice President approached his family and asked, ‘Did your son always have balls [Read More...]

The Function of the Media is Not to Inform

…but to reinforce a particular ideological narrative in the service of our Ruling Class. Marcel LeJeune writes: A friend of mine and I have once again uncovered how the pro-aborts will lie to push “science” on us. A recent study said that free contraception reduces abortion, but a statistician friend of mine shows how the [Read More...]

It is Utter Folly to Trust Romney

A reader writes: I have been following your discussion of Romney, the HHS Mandate, and Dale Price with interest, and have another tidbit to offer against Romney. You may already know this but Romney’s shenanigans in MA go beyond forcing Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning after pill, even if only “just a little” further. [Read More...]

That’s about right

A reader comments on the buck-passing paper pusher who let four good people die in Benghazi: “The election has nothing to do with the four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened,” If a Republican said that, it would be the never-to-be-forgotten, always-to-be-repeated fatal meme of his or her [Read More...]