How “Global” Media Works

12 dead in Paris: Mass hysteria about the Existential Islamic Threat. Thousands dead in Nigeria from Boko Haram: Crickets Fewer people than you can count on one hand die from Ebola in the US: Unhinged hysteria (until Election Day) 8289 people dead so far in Africa: Crickets Hysteria tends to directly corellate to the availability [Read More...]

Playground swings!

We’re all gonna die! [Read more...]

Applying What We’ve Learned

So, as we just saw with the Bundy hysteria, it is an almost guaranteed sure bet that when everybody leaps on a hysteria band wagon, things are not going to end well and a lot of people will look stupid. Let’s apply that to the latest MSM Lefties/Reactionary Catholic tag team panic about Pope Francis [Read More...]